The Real Secret

If you open any rating of countries by the level of obesity, then in its first place you will see the United States, and in the last places will be countries in Asia, such as China, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia and others.

Most Asians have breakfast between 8am and 9am, lunch between 12pm and 1pm and dinner between 6pm and 8pm. When they miss one of the three most important meals, they feel cranky and lazy, and since this is a big part of their routine, it feels awkward.

The Real Secret

We believe that the Asian eating outfit and way of life is about balance and moderation. The reason for their slimness of Asians is actually nutrition, but the result of many other reasons:

◙ To start with, Asians are taught from early childhood to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, this is done not only by parents, but also by teachers in schools.

◙ Second, it is more difficult for overweight people in Asian countries to get a job. It is believed that such people eat more than work, and if you look at Russian officials, it is difficult to disagree with Asians.

◙ Third, being fat in Asian countries is not at all fashionable and even embarrassing, because being fat is condemned by the public there.

◙ Fourth, the diet of Asians is very rich in vegetables and fish. However, they also willingly eat pork and beef, from which they sometimes get fat, after which, as I wrote above, they go on a diet.

◙ Fifth, the line between the concepts of lean and full in Asian countries is very thin, due to which Asians constantly monitor their weight and as soon as they find that they have gained 3-5 kilograms, they immediately go on a very strict diet until their weight returns to normal.

◙ Sixth, Asians are workaholics by nature. They work very hard.

In Asian cultures, thin is the standard body type, and there is collective pressure to maintain it. Asian women feel pressured to be thin, rooted in traditional beliefs about how women should behave.

Various diets are much more popular, and they are popular among both women and men. Herbs and spices are often used in Asian dishes because they have huge health benefits. Asians love food because it's a means to sustain life. As a rule, Asians eat small portions because they want to choose from a variety of dishes and taste several of them in one meal.

What do you think about this common question and possible explanation?

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