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When they moved to Bangalore, several years ago, they agreed to meet once a week and spend 100 minutes in their apartment. Though both are busy, they said that they have to manage their schedule so that they can connect with each other and enjoy the things that define them and give meaning to their relationships.

Power couples/partners outsourced some of their work to spend more time together. Partners who do something together become more closely connected and enjoy each other's company.

Uplifting LOVE

➤ To Be In A Relationship.

Most people think about how their daily lives have changed since they have started a relationship with another person. Shared experiences give couples something in common, and there is a sense that this helps them feel good about each other.

When you consider the benefits of marriage and partnership, the first thing that comes to mind is time with a partner. People with successful careers and love lives know that time is precious, and it is best to be careful not to waste it with secrets or hatred.

Just because a relationship gets rocky from time to time doesn't mean that you and your partner don't fit in well. Imagine your life without a spouse and you will realize how important he or she is to you. The struggle in marriage is to know which battles to pick and with whom to fight.

➤ Hugs And Kisses Go A Long Way.

Like an ocean, there are constant waves of emotion in a relationship. The key is to understand that some of these waves have something to do with the quality of the relationship - people are losing jobs, family members are dying, couples are moving, a lot of money is being made and lost, people are retiring, and more. Life is uncertain.

The job of a committed partner is to ride these waves with the person you love, no matter where they go. Retirement is great because it gives people the opportunity to be at home and pursue their interests after years of being tied to a job.

It is possible that a couple gives each other more control over how they spend their time.

As with all good things in marriage, the happy outcome begins with an open and frank discussion and ends with a satisfactory mix of time spent alone and together. This means more than just sitting in the same room at the same time - you have to actively choose to take time for each other in the relationship.

We should ensure we reserve one day a week for just socializing, which usually involves a long walk or dinner or a drive etc. What quality time means to you and how you actually spend time with your spouse, do let us know in comments.

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