What's In Your Mouth

The messages you carry on your tongue, the words that roll off your tongue, are powerful and can give direction to your whole life. A large part of your life has been turned upside down by just words. The direction can be changed with the help of words of a rider of his horse, or a captain who is running a ship.

When I was in high school, words changed my life a lot. I spent a lot of time writing poetry or notes to friends and I never stopped. I loved writing, but I never realized the impact of my words until I wrote an emotional letter to my best friend.

What's In Your Mouth

➤ Challenges Make Life Interesting.

When we faced any challenging situations, the words we choose to talk to ourselves can have an impact on how we find ourselves in those situations. The moment you speak, good or bad, you give birth to good and bad ideas, expectations, and desires. So, be aware of the words you use with your friends and family because you never know which influencing their lives will change the course of their lives.

➤ Inspire Yourself By Saying Good Words.

Words are a powerful tool with which we can improve our personal energy, but we are not always aware of the words to which we speak, read, and expose ourselves. By changing your usual vocabulary - the words you use to describe your emotions - change the way how you think, feel and live. Make your internal vocabulary more positive and you will be amazed to see how this will change your external experiences.

We all know that words provide a vehicle for us to express and share our experiences.

How you talk to yourself influences how you experience things in life?
This is the power of what is called transformative vocabulary and the use of your words can improve the quality of your life today and the rest of it.

It is not difficult to see the effects of language when we look at how we feel when others speak to us. Take ten minutes and write down the emotions you have felt for at least a week, if not months, or even years. The emotions that we experience and the distress that we usually face, and the words that we attach to these experiences, are challenging, and of course, these words become our experiences.

Never before in the history of the world have words been so cheap, so fast, so unchangeable, and so viral because think before you talk, words can hurt.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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