Words Change Your Reality

Our words are a medium to express and share our experiences, but you may not realize the impact of the words you use every day. How you talk to yourself can influence, how you experience things in life. Words can sneak through our lips and cause significant harm to someone, both mentally and emotionally.

If your inner interactions are negative, chances are your outer experiences are negative as well. Changing your vocabulary - the words you use to describe your feelings - can change how you think, how you feel and how you live.

Words Change Your Reality

This is important because you may not even be aware that you are using your self-destructive methods. The good news is that you have the opportunity to change that correspond to the experiences you want to make.

➤ Influence, Experience And Outcome.

I was recently communicating with a friend over an e-mail, in response to some of her messages, I sent “Horror. I'm shocked”. Like ordinary words, nothing special about them. But at that moment it felt like I had an electric shock. I saw that I used these words too often. And after that, an important idea began to unfold.

Any of our words evokes an image in our minds. This image carries some kind of emotion. Often these emotions are so small that our consciousness does not even notice them. And it seems to us that the word "horror" does not change anything inside, then in fact, inside we experience a little horror. When the word "horror" is used a hundred times a day, we experience this little horror just as many times.

The same thing happens with any other word. The words "problem, difficulty, laziness, depression" etc. carries same state and they do not cause joyful and self-confidence in any way.

Seeing this, I realized that I was just programming myself to perceive the world through the prism of the word’s “horror”, “nightmare”, “toughness” and “I'm in shock”.

Do you think talking about your depression improves your condition? Of course not. Any words we use are lines of code that program us. The more often we use the same words, the more likely it is that these words will define our lives.

After seeing all this, I decided to experiment. Since that day, I have replaced all words with negative tone with words with positive meaning.

Instead of "I'm in shock" I started to say, "I'm delighted", instead of "nightmare, trash, tin" - "lovely, super, amazing, delicious." Yes, this did not make me a mega-positive optimist, but I noticed that my condition changed a lot in just one day!!

For me, these results were amazing. I cannot change the event itself, but I can change my interpretation of that event. And this turned out to be a lot of strength and benefit. If we proactively select our emotions, we can make the experience more pleasant.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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