Yes, I Am Honest

Have you noticed how many times a day you lie? Have you ever wondered how others would feel if they found out about your lies?

Of course, we can say that sometimes we lie to save ourselves :)) the only question is to save who?

Yes, I Am Honest

We don't feel much discomfort when we lie to strangers, and especially on petty things. Often, we don't even tell the truth. The question is "How Am I looking?" or "Have I done the right thing?" The most common reactions we hear. "You look good" or "Yes, of course, you are right."

But in most cases, we don't tell the truth, not because we're afraid of hurting someone, but because it's easier, no matter what.

➤ Get Into Different Situations.

With loved ones, everything is much more complicated. These are not the people who come and go, they are near, we love them and of course, we are afraid of losing. We are afraid of being disappointed, offended. Therefore, instead of explaining a situation or telling the truth, we are hypocrites, hold back or simply lie. We are afraid that we will not be understood.

Of course, it's hard to tell your beloved grandmother that you don't need to pour liters of oil when frying toasts, but how hard is it to say, isn't it??? She tries hard and wants to please us first and foremost :) Such a lie is called a "lie for good".

We often lie "for our salvation". Situations can be different: illness of a loved one, a husband is cheating on his friend, wrong choice of dress, but the result is always the same, we lie, we lie "to the rescue". It's not hard to understand why we do this. We don't want to get hurt; we believe that a person will be happier if he doesn't know the truth. It's up to you, to tell the truth, or lie, but more often than not, knowing the truth is more important for a person to make an adequate decision, even if it's just about bad makeup.

➤ Probably each of us has heard the expression "bitter truth", but why is it so bitter?

Often, the reality turns out to be grim because it contains surprising data or talks about what a person is hesitant to consider himself. "The bitter truth" changes the picture of our world, and dramatically.

Having the courage to speak out and tell the truth can make you more confident. It feels amazing when someone tells the truth because it shows you that you are not betraying your thoughts and beliefs, which is a great boost for developing more self-confidence.

When you tell the truth, not only do you gain trust in others' eyes, but you also gain more respect from them. Being honest and telling the truth brings you better acquaintances and friends.

It takes much more effort to make a lie than, to tell the truth. If you have any doubts, think about what happens when you find out that someone is lying to you. Next time, you may feel more inclined to trust that person and less inclined to trust other people.

Image by Dev Asangbam

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