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24*7*365 – Everyday Life Of A Woman

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

"Marriage" is not an event that changes your life overnight. Things will change slowly and steadily. The most important thing, that I feel shouldn't change after marriage is "You", of course for a good reason. One thing needs to remember always that the person who married you, for the person you are present. He wouldn't marry you expecting that what you may be after 5 years or so from now.

Obviously, a married woman takes the entire burden of their family on her head. Not only she makes the family unite but also keeping her husband happy. There isn’t a single role to fulfill. Expectations from and of others are limitless and she needs to coup all throughout the life. For years, there isn’t really any evolution on the home side. Being a newly married woman isn't a simple job. When you got married, you need to follow a specific lifestyle. Everything turns extremely confusing and as a result of that, we need to think before performing something. Along these lines, it’s just my understanding and viewpoint, we may have similar thoughts in a few but not in all of them.

To make a marriage cheerful and fruitful one should take consideration of the following:

Best time.

Plan your first baby at least after a year. First-year is very much important for a couple to understand themselves. When you have a child, you will miss many cozy moments with your life partner which may influence your relationship. Having a baby is a new responsibility. So, after marriage spends quality time with your life partner and plan each step way forward. When a woman has a baby, she might start ignoring her husband. It has happened not intentionally. The better half feels ignored when a woman is busy caring for her baby. Women need to adjust the schedule to care for both the better half and the baby.

Past love life.

Never tell your husband about past life which may disturb your current life. Regardless of whether he discloses his own secrets, keep your secret as mysteries. If you uncover them in front of your husband, his love and affection may not be the same. Also, it is very likely that your husband had some affairs before the marriage. It is better to neglect the relationships that happened before marriage and start your life with a fresh start. Same way if you come to know his secrets, you can’t respect and love him as before. To make a good relation, trust is very important. Once it got breaks, you can’t fix it with tape, and will never be the same as before.

Our surroundings.

Treat your parents-in-law with similar regard and sympathy you are giving to your own parents. Sometimes complaining too much makes me feel bad. Be straightforward and friendly with them. Treat your mother-in-law like your mother. Try to imagine your mother-in-law's perspective each time before you make your own judgment and make yourself upset. Create a good connection or relationship with your mother-in-law so your kids will experience childhood in a good environment. Also, never talk about your marital issues if exist with anybody including your mom. Having a discussion with my husband and have sorted it right away. Do not call your husband during work; in fact, message him during lunchtime; when he reaches home, welcome him with a smile and offer a glass of water.

Every minute is worth.

Try not to quit dating and holding hands like moments. Dating doesn't need to be something costly. The idea is to simply go for a long drive or someplace where you can talk, enjoy, share your feelings. Weekends are the best time to spend with your better half. When you hold your husbands’ hand, you can put your point easily and straight to his heart. It is difficult to fight when you hold your life partner’s hands. Try finding ways to showcase your love. One hug a day is good to express your love.


Put yourself away from arguments. Sometimes, one step back can be good for everyone. Never get on the discussion and compare your spouse with your friends’ partner. Initially, you might not notice the reaction but soon it will affect your relationship. You will face ego, anger from your partner which disturbs both of you at every point of discussion. Do not showcase that someone's life is better than yours; everyone has ups and downs. The point to understand is how quickly we overcome unpleasant moments. Try not to fight over cash. By chance, if you need that costly pair of shoes or dress and your financial situation is not good, be practical. Personal satisfaction is fine, but you will need to think about other aspects of life as well.

Your life; your dreams.

Women have enough potential to work. If you have goals in your life about your career; do not ignore them. Your husband, child are not the only piece of life. You never predict the future. Plan today for tomorrow is not a bad thing. If your husband doesn’t have good savings, you can support him and can live a good life. You can opt for work from home type work. No one in the world can solve all its problems and how can we expect from husbands. You can share and everything with your husband, but it is not right to expect to solve all your problems. Husband is always for the support and gives advice.

Compromise vs. co-operation.

No two individuals are ever the same in this world. Subsequently, you need to make alterations with your husband and his family. To overcome the issues, it is not right to sacrifice self-respect. If you lose your respect, it might be hard to get it back. There is something in us that is unique. Never attempt to become like another person to satisfy anybody. Let individuals acknowledge you as you seem to be. Also, try not to showcase that relatives are like strangers at your home. Don't hide within the home. Remember that relatives which were part of your husband’s world are now part of your world as well.

Marriage isn't just a mutual consent between a man and a woman to make it an effective durable relationship. Despite, it’s a relationship between two families. So, there isn’t a man or a woman who needs to follow but it’s applicable to both their families. Everybody has different views and it doesn't mean everybody ought to follow. Do not break your religion and rituals that you were at your home before marriage. Follow them so your baby will later convey them to the next generation. The way of life continues generation over generation.

Life changes a ton for a girl after she gets married however it doesn't all need to be sad and hopeless. You are not alone, there are many people that show love and affection. A few days ago, my better half asked me to sit with him as we both went into some sort of discussion which led to arguments and spoil our mood and day. So, keep dating, talking, disturbing, and loving each other and so that’s the way ahead.

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