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7 Types Of Girls Who Should Never Marry

Some people decide to remain single rather than marry and some have been in a romantic relationship for a long time and have no intention of going down the aisle. When it comes to relationships and dating, everyone has different expectations when it comes to the future.

It is generally accepted that men do their best to avoid going into an official relationship. They value their freedom and are afraid that any more or less significant relationship will end with a ring on their finger.

In the same way, there are many reasons why women want to get married, ranging from a desire to focus on other things to a desire not to get married. We are not trying to delve into the dark and gloomy lives of people who are not married because they do not want to be alone. People accept who they are, what they do with their lives and what works best for them before getting married.

1. They Haven't Met A Decent Man.

And now we are not talking about a fairy-tale prince or a handsome millionaire. It just has to be a man with whom you want to grow old together, whom you want to give birth to children, whom you want to take care of and with whom it will not be scary to have a family and pets. He should, with all his appearance and attitude, inspire confidence in a woman so that she thinks about marriage.

2. They Are Busy With Their Careers.

If you spend your time advancing your career, your relationship, and keeping a complete boss, there is nothing wrong with preferring your passion to marriage. For such women, self-realization and success in work are above everything else. They rightly believe that first you need to provide yourself with everything you need, so that later you do not feel helpless and dependent on a man.

Careerists often try to make money on their own housing and car, not forgetting to save money for a rainy day. And only after realizing in the profession, they begin to think about children and husband.

3. They Don't Want To Give Birth.

One of the main goals of marriage is to have a family and have children. But not all girls dream of having offspring or giving birth in the near future. They can be comfortable with a man in a civil marriage, without burdening themselves with obligations. After all, all their needs are already being met.

4. They Think Marriage Is A Bad Idea.

This is usually the opinion of women who have seen too many unhappy families and unsuccessful marriages that ended in divorce in their lives. This could be an example of their parents who suffered, living together for the sake of their children. Or families of relatives and friends, in which there was no love, understanding, respect and harmony. Having seen enough of such unions, women decided never to tie the knot in order to avoid a similar development of relations.

5. They Were Already Married And Know What It Is.

Women who have been married and have experienced more pain, disappointment and suffering instead of joy and happiness are unlikely to want to marry again. They will avoid new marriage like wildfire. And if a man proposes to them, they will deny and deny to the last, just not to repeat the bitter experience.

6. They Love Freedom Too Much.

Yes, not only men value their bachelor status. There are girls who feel sick from the thought of washing, cleaning, and cooking. What if they don't feel like doing it every day? And if you are not in the mood or have a headache? Maybe they want to sleep and have a good rest, and not do household chores and children. If they had a family, there would already be a quarrel. Freedom-loving women love to do what they like: attending cultural events, hanging out with friends, going on vacation. It's hard to break out of a movie even with a child, let alone live the way you used to.

7. They Are Afraid That Feelings In Marriage Will Fade Away.

Living together kills passion, romance and novelty. All this disappears somewhere after the stamp in the passport. Quarrels come in their place, which clearly do not add attractiveness to the relationship. As a result, girls begin to miss the old, carefree times, when everything was rosy and promising. They are afraid to be disappointed in a partner and that feelings will cool down. And this is not at all what they would like. So, women think that the absence of a ring on their finger and living together will save them from a similar fate.

A society puts more pressure on women than men to be engaged or to marry after a certain age. Many people believe that every girl dream of finding her prince, getting married and living a long life. When you turn 30 and are still single and in a happy relationship without the wedding bells ringing, many people will look at it the wrong way.

If you don't want to get married and have a non-committal relationship, that's fine. The only thing you can do is tell at the beginning of the relationship the other that you never want to get married.

Once you get married, marriage is a beautiful thing when two people are willing to devote themselves to work. The ability to engage, to be patient, to communicate, to be respectful, to forgive, to be humble, selfless, honest, supportive, capable of learning and tolerant is one of the most important prerequisites for a successful marriage.

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