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EGO: A Trip To Nowhere!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

“I like the moment when I break a man’s ego.” - Bobby Fischer

It is good to understand that who you are. Sometimes, we have a tendency to increase our feeling to such an extent that we ourselves create problems. We are unable to simply accept that we may be wrong at some point; on the other hand, we start making ourselves the middle of everything. It is not straightforward to prevent the spreading of EGO roots.

Have you ever realized why some people are so bitter, or why someone moves out of your life without any reason? Have you ever wondered why all the wars fought in the last thousand years started? Do you know how many lives were lost in them? Have you ever thought about all the crimes across the world, that are killing many people?

Whether at stake, friendship, war, or crime, all starts from the same source, which is EGO, our EGO. It is really difficult for us to go away from it. In reality, we have to liberate ourselves from this ego. Except all, the most important thing is to understand - What EGO is? Why should we assume that sometimes we will be wrong? If you find answers to such questions, then believe me guys, your life will become more enjoyable.

What is EGO?

This three-letter word is like the devil sitting on our shoulders, about whom we have always been reading. This is often your 'alternate' version, which encourages all your insecurities, fears, emotion and perception. It is absolutely the opposite of what is right for you. It is the enemy of your courage. It is the dark side for your thinking.

Arrogance, we all have it. It doesn’t go far from us. The most ideal way to manage it is to try to be calm it down. However, few lucky people are able to achieve such feats as pushing the ego beyond. It’s true that to attain success in life, one should get rid of EGO. Then we have to live a life that most people won’t be able to live. Hence, the better option is to make ourselves worthy is that when the ego keeps on increasing, at that point we will feel it ourselves and work diligently towards calming it.

Where is the EGO?

EGO is everywhere. It is constantly expanding. Like, arrogance is the reason that you just take everything personally. Sometimes you noticed that because of EGO, you harm the person in front of others by your comments, making a joke, etc. We don’t accept our fault only due to EGO. It’s EGO that we treat others harshly, that’s why we don’t like our failure or disregard.

Obviously, this list of egos is quite long. Every day we have to deal with all such situations when we express our reaction in many ways. Unfortunately, in most of these cases, our ego comes from our inside and when the circumstances are no longer under our control or they are going against us. To overcome, we immediately find ourselves unlucky and/ or put blame on others. It acts as a sick mentality, which is continuously growing. Many people can also take advantage of this. Yet, knowing all this, we still don’t want to change our mindset.

Pay attention to yourself.

There is no objection to accepting that when we are wrong. Not only this, after we are rejected, we blame others. To cover our failures, we avoid that situation. Due to such things, it will not make us feel good. I believe that such human feelings are by default and can never end. But during this lock-down period when all are working from home, I am able to control my EGO. Due to enough work and constant meditation, I can tell the exact moment when my ego shows up.

No harm in accepting mistakes.

You must have seen some arrogant people around you who often praise themselves and do not stop from humiliating others. Nobody likes such people, but before talking about others, we should look into our inner soul to see if this negative feeling is developing within us or not? EGO makes someone irritable, stubborn, selfish, and sometimes creates a disorder while communicating and interacting. When their wishes don’t seem to be fulfilled, many times, egoistic people also fall victim to depression. Due to excess of fear, sometimes we are unable to take any specific step. Can your ego be overcome by just feeling something? Do you ever think why does this happens?

When a person is unable to gauge himself honestly, the habit of thinking of himself makes him egoistic. People who do not get love from parents in childhood, such people suffer from inferiority. With this, the spirit of EGO starts to grow in our minds. Children become arrogant even if EGO is reflected in the behavior of the parents.

How to rescue this feeling?

To avoid this problem, first look inside your mind. If you always like to hear your praise and you don't like to apologize for your mistakes, then this is not the right sign or path. You should consciously try to control your EGO. For this, try these measures:

  1. Develop the habit of seeing yourself through the eyes of others. Think how you’d like others to treat you?

  2. Join your office activities where you get an opportunity to work with team spirit.

  3. Never treat your younger ones in a very polite manner. This may increase your respect in their heart.

  4. Try to build confidence. It will be easier to remove the EGO.

  5. It is not right to be happy by comparing yourself to weak people. This may stop your progress. Get inspired by those who are more capable than you, attempt to move forward.

  6. Leave the habit of doing evil to others. This also gives satisfaction to one's EGO, which makes him egoistic.

  7. Keep distance from negative people and negative thoughts.

  8. Spend time with children. Try to make yourself as comfortable as they are. It is said that an innocent child is hidden in every soul and we should keep him alive in every situation.

  9. Take the initiative to cultivate friendship with new people. This will easily remove the feeling of EGO hidden in your mind.

  10. Practice yoga regularly and browse some good spiritual books. This will make it easier for you to beat your EGO.

A sense of EGO turns us away from our loved ones and that we are left alone. Because of this, we forget to distinguish between right and wrong. Whenever I have any differences or quarrel with friends or cousins, don’t spoil my relationship with them due to EGO. Relationships are very valuable. So, even if there is no mistake, never hesitate in apologizing to them.

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