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SoLoMo - Not Just A Concept!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

SoLoMo, stands for Social<->Local<->Mobile, refers to the incorporation of social, location-based, and mobile marketing tools to attain new customer procurement. According to statista, in the current year, an estimated 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide and a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

How business define SoLoMo?


any type of electronic communication platforms or applications using which business promote their products or services and engage with their target audience or prospects.


highly customized experience or offers or services given to customers based on their geographic (physical or on the web).


channel by which businesses connect with their prospects and customer.

The SoLoMo digital customer journey:

Social media has transformed the thinking of the users. The newer generation considers e-mail and chats as an approach to convey. They are favoring virtual interactions instead of face-to-face. SoLoMo isn’t a marketing strategy anymore; it’s a way of living. Overall, SoLoMo customer journey involves instant messaging or chat applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram. Tweets, a status update on Facebook, and Skype discussions are now the key component of their communication system. People are getting more used to and relaxed on the web. They anticipate brands to approach and connect with them. In this digital world, social media is becoming the crossroad where people’s innovation, communication, and entertainment intersect.

SoLoMo is an evolving marketing idea that can make use of modern digital advertising tools. Using such tools marketers investigate or explore the user behavior using social technology, local availability for advertising, and mobile connectivity. Marketing isn’t just about selling things anymore. It is about building up connections. Both brands and people depend on each other's needs. Consumers are bounded by marketing tools and applications.

Search engines, website optimization, mobile-friendly platforms, social media pages & groups, advertisements, media library, Twitter accounts, and Instagram hashtags, are part of the game. Other essential business needs are digital marketing services, geographic data, and information, opt-in mailing lists, affiliate marketing, journals, blogs, resources, etc. Online networking or Social media presence is now part of every generation's daily routine. Social media is such a simple method to connect with individuals or friends or family, follow the news, and simply keep up to date on culture and occasions based on interest.

Future of marketing:

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, is the first technology which has vast potential for business to communicate with their user base. Along with wireless, NFC enables the communication between two devices that are close to each other. NFC technology not only assists to connect to their bank accounts but also helps to communicate with retailers during the payment process. Businesses can recognize user preference and shopping behavior during the customer journey.

The second is Wearable technologies give a fantastic opportunity to understand SoLoMo consumers. Using sensors and display technologies are being embedded in clothing to understand the emotional state of consumers. These sensors help recognize different types of moods and levels of stress. Businesses need to make consumers feel comfortable while using wearable devices. Heart rate or level of blood pressure, the smartwatch is the common wearable items.

The exponential growth of social media with integrated applications or technologies helped businesses and people to meet their desired goals/expectations. To stay connected with their customers, every single entity no matter how big or small should get on to social networking platforms. "Word of mouth" now become "World of mouth" where customers can build a brand and become loyal partners. As a loyal partner, they always share their feedback and help identify issues with the journey.

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