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Stress Management: Top 10 Causes, Symptoms, Side Effects, Diseases and Treatment

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Stress and Anxiety have become a common problem for most people. Stress usually caused by workload, lack of time, improper eating, poor lifestyle, and family problems. If stress management is not done on time, stress becomes the cause of many diseases. I will try to put the best ways to relieve stress to a great extent.

What is stress and why is stress management needed?

Every person is having stress which will become an important part of our life and over the time it becomes a matter of concern. Although stress is a normal natural activity, problems associated with day-to-day life. In case we can’t solve it, it starts dominating us. Stress can have adverse effects on the body, while it also affects the functioning of the mind. That's why "Stress Management" can reduce stress to a great extent.

10 Major causes of stress:

  1. Heavy workload

  2. Lack of time

  3. High standard of living

  4. Financial troubles

  5. Lack of sleep

  6. Improper routines

  7. Disease if any

  8. Environment or locality effect

  9. Relationship problem

  10. Physical disability etc.

10 Symptoms of stress:

  1. Started smoking and consuming alcohol

  2. Too much intake of tea and other drinks

  3. Hair fall

  4. More knee jerks

  5. Like to be alone

  6. Stay reserved from society

  7. Always thinking

  8. Don't like to laugh

  9. To be more angry

  10. Mostly cold feet

10 Side effects of stress:

  1. Memory loss

  2. Restlessness

  3. Irritability

  4. Dry mouth

  5. Loss of appetite

  6. Poor blood circulation

  7. Become weak

  8. Stay sad

  9. Sudden increase in heart rate

  10. Inverse thoughts

10 Stress-related diseases:

  1. Risk of heart disease

  2. Asthma

  3. Obesity

  4. Diabetes

  5. Headache

  6. Depression and anxiety

  7. Gastrointestinal Problems

  8. Alzheimer's disease

  9. Premature aging

  10. Premature death

How to manage stress in 10 ways? / Stress management techniques / 10 ways to Stop & Release stress:

Keep stress away from a positive attitude.

Negative thinking and negative attitude are mainly responsible for stress in life. To get rid of stress, one should make his thinking & attitude positive. Try to read books that would help in bringing positivity to yourself.

Accept that you can’t control your life activities.

There is a hard truth in life that some people refuse to accept. You have no control over many things that happen in your life. Some people think of everything from natural disasters to deadly diseases. Their worries keep them afloat, but eventually, they waste their time and energy, because worrying does not give any positive feeling.

Learn to manage your time more effectively.

Make a chart to do every work on time. Set work priorities. If your mind will not be clear which work to do first and which will be done later, you will remain confused. Do the creative work first. Try to stay away from your phone in the morning, so that your mind is calm, and you can work well throughout the day.

Remove the causes of stress.

Stay away from anything that causes you stress or reduce positive thoughts. Nowadays one of the reasons for stress is seen that we are not happy with the work we are doing, or we are not interested in it. Nevertheless, he continues to work with freedom.

Clarity in vision.

When we do some work without any purpose, are not aware of our needs, then this increases our stress the most. If we do not know what we need from ourselves, we will always be in disharmony. So, if there is any confusion, then we should talk about it immediately.

Make time for hobbies, interests, and relaxation.

In the desire to get more, we get so busy with work that we cannot relax our work of interest, even our interest properly. If you want to get rid of stress then take time for your family, your interest and take a little rest in between work. If under stress, get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time and energy to overcome stressful events.

Proper time management.

Better time management has many advantages. It keeps us focused, makes sense of priorities, and reduces stress. One of the best ways to improve time management is to avoid excessive expectations -think about your progress, to make daily routines, so that you can complete all the tasks on time according to priority. Keep some reserve time in your planning as well. It will be able to complete the work on time even if there is any disruption and there will be no unnecessary stress.

Do not rely on alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behavior to reduce stress.

You can get rid of it for some time, but later it will become more deadly for you. Therefore, relying on alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behavior to reduce stress is not good.

Spend enough time with loved ones.

With whom you like to talk, with whom you feel good, start sharing with them, you can reduce stress to a great extent.

Relieve stress with meditation and yoga.

Through yoga, you can remove stress and tension. Join a yoga center near your home. It will help you to manage stress and keep you calm for a whole day. Once you start doing meditation and yoga, you will notice changes in your behavior.

Apart from this, you should also adopt these measures like -

  1. Make changes in your lifestyle.

  2. Avoid getting up and down with negative people.

  3. Be with happy and positive thinking people.

  4. Do not discuss or debate unnecessarily with anyone.

  5. Set a time to sleep and wake up in the morning.

  6. Do not work more than physical capacity at all.

  7. Share your concerns with friends and family.

  8. Only eat a nutritious and balanced diet.

  9. Listen to music - whatever you like.

  10. Don't stick to gadgets like mobiles, televisions, and laptops all the time.

I would like to say that if you still feel that you are under stress for a long time or you are unable to overcome it then it is necessary to contact doctor. Long-term stress can make you a serious illness.

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