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Travelling Soon? Stay Updated With 10 Tips

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Due to the fear of COVID-19, the whole country is sitting in their homes. People who are fond of traveling, their spirit has also stopped due to Corona-virus. It is difficult to say how much people will be able to prepare themselves to travel this year or early next, but there is also true that when the situation is back to normal, travel plans will not be as same as earlier. In the coming time, we will see many changes to choosing a destination and mode of transportation. New protocols and frameworks need to be planned based on traveler behaviors - how, where, and why to travel including choosing to select their own seats.

10 key things that will shape the future of the travel industry:

Safety and Security.

After the conditions are normal, social distancing will be most important for those going on a walk. At the same time, in the packing of your goods, along with cameras, mobile and branded clothes, shoes, now masks, sanitizers, gloves, wipes, disposable caps will be your new travel companions. Without them, you cannot even think of traveling. From railway stations to places where you will roam, you have to carry your hand sanitizer with you. If possible, keep the wet wipes with you, so that you can clean your seat and window before sitting.

Two or Four-wheeler: Road trip.

Trip via own bike or car is extraordinary fun! What else can be more exciting than traveling on unknown streets with your song, snacks, and lasting dialogue with your partner or friends? If you are going on a trip with your partner or friends this weekend, and your destination is not far away, then traveling in your car is much safer. For some time, try to avoid public transport. However, now the group outing will be like a dream for a few days.

Quote the lowest price.

After the lock-down, many changes will be seen in the traveling guidelines. The biggest concern for the traveling public will be their health safety. You may have to spend more money due to the corona effect. The reason is that you may have to find a good and hygienic hotel where special care is taken for sanitization. In such a situation, hotels and resorts can increase their booking price by providing cleanliness and facilities.

High tech experience.

Low contact is the new standard that the industry is opting for due to corona. The hotel industry is now focusing more on the fact that the guest coming to their hotel gets full touch-less experience. You might experience to score some freebies on your next stay. The hotel industry keeps on experimenting with the amenities, so they can attract travelers. Freebies might include Netflix access, sanitizer, travel guide, napkins, wipes, yoga mat, goodies, etc.

Aarogya Setu app mandate.

Aarogya Setu app is a mobile application to prevent the spread of the virus from one to another. It took just 13 days to hit 50 mn users. Once the app is downloaded, you are supposed to enter correct info in regards to your health details and do mention your health-related problems if any. This app becomes mandatory while traveling which you will have to show your status before boarding a train or a plane. Only people with green status will be allowed to travel.

Lack of food during the journey.

During the journey, if you also order food on the flight or train to satisfy your hunger, then change your habit now. Because your experiences of traveling after lock-down will change now. If you are going on a journey, then keep food and water with you. Earlier, where drinking water and food facilities were available along with tickets, now extra money will be charged for that.

Nature and wildlife demand.

While nature-based travel which incorporates wildlife has been extending in the most recent decade. Wildlife watching has given a new look to tourism. Sometimes, animal lovers, learners, and researchers purchase a customized package like observing crocs point, observing pythons’ point, observing dolphins’ point, and many more. During their experience, they not only see the animals but also take part in the activities, enjoy and explore events like any adventure.

Tick the little box every time.

In order to protect you and your family from COVID-19, you should have ready to go plan. Your checklist may include pointers from:

  1. Stay informed and in touch

  2. Possible illness and preventive measures

  3. Better protect elders

  4. Take everyday measures

  5. Pets in the house

  6. Important contact numbers

Society won’t like you.

Even those who have recovered from COVID-19 and have built up immunity but still won’t eligible to travel with a cold. In this current situation, everyone is accepting that adopting social distancing will protect mankind and such people who have colds, or any symptoms are not fit for travel. They are unacceptable to travel. You can analyze the reaction if you cough or sneeze at an airport or on a plane.

Travel insurance.

One of the types of insurance like health insurance, medical insurance, bike insurance; each one has a different role and cover. In the same way travel insurance is the insurance taken for travel for a time period. It protects you to from any kind of loss. Especially, due to COVID-19, it is highly recommended. Travelers can opt for travel insurance both offline and online. Taking online travel insurance provides maximum coverage for a low cost.

I hope you will get an idea from this post what you will need to do in case you are planning for a trip.

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