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Understand Anger Management Before You Regret

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Anger is one of the characteristics of a human feeling that we all face at some point in our lives. Some of us may have potential to control our anger easily than others. People are working hard to achieve happiness and peace in their life, but they are unable to do it when it is most needed. Anger never allows peace and happiness. Anger only hurts others; it also makes us hollow from inside. In anger, a person may take a wrong decision that will cause him to regret it all his life. The biggest reason for getting angry is jealousy.

“THINK before you speak. Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?” - Alan Redpath

How many of us follow? We all are matured enough to take our life decisions. When people get angry, people say things they may not even mean at all. Instead of being trapped in the heat of the moment, it’s time to think about the reaction - what we are going to say? and how we are going to say?

What are the disadvantages of anger?

  1. Anger sometimes breaks relationships.

  2. Sometimes people lose their jobs due to anger.

  3. This has a very bad effect on the brain.

  4. It spoils the home environment

  5. Being angrier can lead to a number of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, weak immune system, hypertension.

If attention is paid at the right time, then we can bring laughter within people. Does your mind get warm when someone does not listen to you? Does anyone make you bleed while driving? Do you get very angry when your child does not listen to you? If your answer is Yes, then you have been a victim of anger. It is difficult to control anger, but not impossible.

Sometimes, we also got angry because of someone else mistake. Mistakes happen with every person. In such a situation, it is better to forgive. If a person stops doing something due to fear of mistakes, then he can never be successful in life.

Top 15 techniques which may help you in your career as well as in your daily life:

Early sign of your anger.

When people get angry, usually the heartbeat increases, face turns red, etc. There is a physical response behind the anger of everyone. Pay attention to your body language. In such a situation, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the physical sensations happening in your body

  2. Take a long breath

  3. Be aware and think

  4. Count from one to ten in your mind

  5. Think of the impact

  6. If this happens to you, you should be there as soon as possible

Pay attention to your listening skills.

Instead of reacting so quickly, start thinking about the person who is irritated at the moment. Think what makes him behave like this? Regardless of whether their behavior is alcohol or drug-related, it doesn't necessarily that alcohol or medication has caused their emotions. This is the time when your ability to hear comes into play. Whatever is the reason for your anger, this doesn’t mean you react aggressively towards others.

Quick response.

In most cases, you do not need to respond to a situation immediately. You can take some time and evaluate the situation. Often, our first reaction to a problem is an emotional one, but an emotional state rarely solves problems. What is required is to react calmly and positively.

Happy moments.

If you know that you get angry a lot, then think about things that make you happy or you can do something that makes you happy. Even if you are going bad, be happy too because there is no solution to it due to unhappiness.

How to manage stress.

Negative thinking and negative attitude are mainly responsible for stress in life. To get rid of stress, one should make his thinking & attitude positive. Try to read books that would help in bringing positivity to yourself.

Finding solution.

Do not think that what makes you angry, think about how you can control your anger and what are the possible solutions? For couples where both husband and wife are working professionals, they may not be able to give time to each other. The reason could be multiple - due to odd shift timings, nature of work, etc., so the best way to tackle such a situation is to fix it sometime during the weekend and have a healthy talk.

Internal vs. External triggers.

The type of anger is further segregated into two broad categories:

Internal factors:

  1. Not getting enough sleep

  2. Feeling hungry

  3. Personal issues

  4. Past disturbance

  5. Nervousness or unhappiness

External factors:

  1. Insulted by someone in public

  2. Financial problem

  3. Remind yourself again and again

  4. Office issues

  5. Being accused of things you didn’t do

Do some exercise.

If you feel that your anger is dominating you, then do any type of exercise like running, cycling, yoga, martial arts, swimming, dancing, boxing, meditation. Physical activity reduces the stress that arises in your mind.

Express your anger.

It is not good for you to hide the reason for your anger inside you. So, we should not hesitate to talk about it with your friend or partner. If you use anger in a positive way, it can prove to be very good for you. It is very easy to get angry, but it is in our hands to turn it in a positive direction.

Different perspective.

There are different sides to every argument, and even though most people would agree that arguments start with misinterpretations. Try considering different standpoint which may help you to understand things better. Our first reaction is an emotional one, but it is not necessary to find a solution with the emotion.

Take a break.

Sometimes, the stress at office, personal life problems, etc. may increase the possibility of anger. So, at that time, you should take a break from your job or work for a few days and go for a walk or trip or spend some time with your family members. Enjoy your ME time.

Be positive.

Talking about positive things in life or staying connected with positive things has proved beneficial in every field. Changing your way of thinking from negative to positive is called "cognitive restructuring" which helps in controlling your anger or anger in a good way.


We are not cheerful and are depressed most of the time. Whenever we need to do some physical work, and we laugh, we feel very light and blissful. Try these things - create a collection of films that make you laugh, meet friends or make friends who make you laugh. Laughter is the only thing in the world that removes all your mental stress.

Seek help.

If you are putting others or yourself in harm because of your anger, you may need professional anger management therapy to help you overcome your inner frustrations. It will help you process memories from the past that may be influencing the way you interact with people in the present.

Have a good sleep.

It is advisable to have at least 7-8 hours’ sleep in a day, but we missed to meet and as a result, our body has started to face many health-related problems. This will lead to effect on their emotions. Sleeping well makes your mind calm and less angry.

Help to make the environment peaceful. If you are a human being, then remain a human being, do not become an enemy. At some point in your life, if you have a feeling that it’s difficult to manage your angry on your own, it’s time for counseling which will come up with creative ways for you to help your emotions and control your anger. You will ultimately have a far better hold on why you are feeling the way you are doing and what you will do to overcome those feelings ahead in your life.

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