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Up-scaling Your Knowledge - Blog vs. Vlog

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

In the 21st century, it is practically not possible that you haven’t heard about blogging and vlogging! We won’t get into too many basic details here.

Blogging is an online platform where people meet, exchange their thoughts or opinions. Instagram is one of the massive platforms to get your word out and start your blog. To start a blog, you just need two things: a picture and a few words. Other blogging websites: WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr – using any of these you can start blogging.

Vlogging is video blogs. They are a more visual approach to present the content. Vlogging website you must hear Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

If you don’t mind, can I ask for a few questions about Blog vs. Vlog? So, are you ready?

Question 1: Which is winner when talking about website traffic?
Question 2: Are you aware of segmenting the target audience between the two?
Question 3: Role of SEO in Blog and Vlog?
Question 4: Is Vlog killing Blog. True or False?
Question 5: In this marketing world, who do you choose for your business - Vlog, Blog or both?

Nowadays, everyone is leveraging both media to increase their visibility. Generating traffic means prospects. As a marketer, every single lead is a potential customer to the business. Every visitor is a source of income. Websites utilizing videos generate more business than others. Vlog is a win when it comes to generating website traffic.

The blog started early 90’s; however, the vlog has started in 2000. Nowadays both are heavily used in the business but Vlog has more votes over blog.

One more time - Are you Ready? If I ask you to choose one - reading over watching a video, what will be your preference? Video means Vlog. Right?

People recognize business through their communication style. Across the businesses, they are now creating more and more Vlog content than Blog. You might notice that every small or big business should have a blog section. Through blogs, companies promote their product or services. This is the easiest way to touch a huge segment in less time frame.

Running or creating a blog is not too difficult. Blogging is the sharing of informative content online. Every business makes some strategy to reach their prospects. Social media strategy helps the decision-making process.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technical and essential skill required for a blogger. Growing website traffic and maintaining articles is not a one-time task. Timely, SEO, and updated blog content help website traffic.

For Vlog, all you need is professional equipment using which you can record a video. The content on the Vlog is a little more in-depth while comparing to Blog. The more you engage with an audience, the more they like you. Watching videos is faster than reading an article. A high definition camera, microphone, high-density light, and professional video editing software are the basic needs for Vlogging. Yes. Vlog is costlier than a blog, but it is not like Vlog is killing the blog stream. Both have their own positive and negative sides.

No matter what you choose for your business either one or both, it should fulfill the need of the business.

Vlogging has @equipment's and blogging has @HelpinGUIDE. Combination of both will be best now a days.

Types of Blogging:

  1. Personal

  2. Business

  3. Niche

  4. Health and Fitness

  5. Affiliate Marketing etc.

Types of Vlogging:

  1. Music

  2. Technology/Product Review

  3. Gaming

  4. Fashion

  5. Cooking etc. any video channels are part of the Vlog.

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