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Why Are Children So Obsessed With Cyber Bullying?

In current time, while the Internet has made our life easier and simpler, its interference in our personal life has also expanded troubles. Social media has destroyed many lives. The children and the youth are the most affected by internet interference. Cyber bullying is having a very bad effect on the mental and educational development of children. Despite this, parents and teachers believe that they do not have a way to deal with it.


What is the Cyber Bullying?
Why is Cyber Bullying increasing?
What are the bad effects of Cyber Bullying?
How to avoid Cyber Bullying?

What is the Cyber Bullying? A form of bullying or harassment over electronic medium. This is known as online harassment or online ragging. Cyber ​​bullying means harassing using Internet or online medium with dirty language, photographs and threats. You might be aware of Cyber ​​Harassment which is a same as cyber bullying. It is now increasing day by day, especially for teenagers. Cyber ​​bullying occurs when a person threatens or harasses another person on the Internet, especially a bullying incident on social media sites. In this, children are tortured through false rumors and dirty pictures. Many times, online games also treat children like cyber bullying.

Why is cyber bullying increasing? Householders are also largely responsible for cyber bullying. The increasing number of single families in the society is also a major reason for this. The working couple hand over the smartphone to the children at an early age. Once the Internet is switched on, the child easily becomes a victim of criminals. The thing is that most parents do not even have time to see what their child is doing on or through smartphone and internet. Cyber ​​criminals do not miss to take advantage of this.

At present, there has been a significant increase, in the number of parents who go to the doctors with complaints of changes in the behavior of children. According to a police officer, like the smartphone revolution, there is no system of log-in and log-off in mobile phones. As a result, students with smartphones stay online up to 24 hours a day. Criminals choose their victims only from such students. According to cyber-crime experts, due to wireless technology, file transfer technology is easily available. Due to their carelessness, the information recorded in the phone can also be made public. Criminals use this to blackmail the students concerned and, in many cases, sexually abuse them too.

What are the bad effects of Cyber Bullying? Many children are suffering from depression due to cyber bullying. These days more and more parents are taking help from Psychiatrists. Children do internet surfing but are completely unaware of its negative aspect. Especially children who do not share this matter with their parents fall in this trouble easily.

Psychiatrists say that cyber bullying has more impact than beating a child because it hurts emotionally. It creates fear and hate. Not only boys, but girls are also getting increasingly involved in cyber bullying.

Nowadays, many youths write a moment of their personal life on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site. Sociologists believe that every aspect of your life is exposed to the world by any means. Friendships increase from strangers. In such a situation, the possibility of cyber bullying increases.

How to avoid Cyber Bullying? It is not very easy to avoid cyber bullying. But if you act wisely, then you can avoid cyber bullying very easily. According to the sections of the Indian Penal Code, no person can use vulgar remarks about his or her religion or language that hurts it. The solution to such comments is that whenever you face any such comments, inform police immediately. You can also report it on Facebook.

5 best ways to avoid cyber bullying:

  1. Ignore Whenever someone misbehaves with you on Facebook or any social media site, ignore them. This is the best way to avoid cyber bullying. If you get into replies or responses, the person keeps talking again and again. If you ignore him then after a while, he will sit tired himself.

  2. Report on social media If you see any such comment, post, photo or video on Facebook in which someone or you have been troll, you can report it to Facebook. Every post or comment on Facebook can be reported by clicking on the 3-point menu. The Facebook team will suspend the content or account of a person. You can do the same thing on the other social media sites Twitter, Instagram etc.

  3. Take Legal Action Yes, if someone treats you inappropriately on the Internet, you can take legal action against him. For this, you should keep his message, photo or video and lodge a FIR in the nearest police station.

  4. Inform that Cyber ​​Bullying is a crime The online world is huge. Watching it is not a game. Both children as well as parents need to be aware of to control this rapidly increasing problem. 60% people don’t know about cyber-crime or similar terms, as a result, in such cases, a police complaint is not filed. Apart from NGOs, schools, colleges and internet services companies need to take proper actions. It is important that you teach your children not to talk to any unknown person online nor to reply to his message. Teach children what information should be given online and which is not.

  5. Software Use secure software that has the facility of Parental Lock. Make sure that children do not see those websites that you don’t want them to see. Spend some quality time with your children. By playing together and by spending time together, you will be able to understand your children well and if there is any problem, you will be able to diagnose it well at early stage.

Make a difference between Internet and real world. Do not bring internet fights into personal life. I hope with the information provided; you will never be a victim of cyber bullying.

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