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Why Is My RELATIONSHIP Better Than Yours?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

There are many people who see conflict as a sign of bad relationships and try to avoid it at all costs. I am here to tell you that conflicts if done right, are actually good for your relationship.

Learning to fight fairly can not only help you and your partner resolve conflicts in a healthy way but can also help to expand your ability to love and respect each other. If you can do this, your partner will learn more from each other and be able to compromise and resolve conflicts that strengthen the relationship. Compromise is the healthiest way to manage conflicts in a relationship.

Couple Counseling.

If fighting seems too difficult to manage alone, or if you feel lost, consider couples therapy. If you are actively seeking help to repair your relationship without fighting, that is a great sign. Couple counseling can also be useful if you have a hard time developing these skills or if the conflict in the relationship is extreme.

Couple counseling can teach you new ways to communicate more openly, fight more effectively and keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Arguments & Relationship Bonding.

When couples quarrel, they learn to compromise with their partners, which is a valuable skill that should be used in any relationship. A sign of a healthy relationship is when one of the partners is willing to compromise and find a solution after a dispute, just to maintain peace in the relationship rather than to fight.

If you want something to change in your relationship, you must do so with the right intentions and the right level of respect. When conflict persists in a relationship, it creates stress that can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing - the being of you and your partner.

If you find that you and your partner often argue about the same kind of things - a lot - it's a good idea to think about what really causes the conflict.

Relationship: Is It Acceptable If Couples Don't Fight?

Healthy couples don't fight - they discuss!!

Even happily married couples who have been together for decades still argue so often about what is right. The issues couples argue over can make all the difference.

Couples Quarrel Before Tying The Knot.

One of the main reasons for disputes in a relationship is a lack of respect for the feelings of the other person, a sense of entitlement, or a need for control.

The secret of a fulfilled relationship is therefore to avoid things that lead to fights and to recover from them when they happen and learn from them. The struggle that is not fixed is the one that ends the relationship, not the other way around.

If you are not struggling, take the time to discuss and determine how you will deal with tensions, disagreements, and problems. This may sound strange, but it is good to express one's views and perspectives and not agree with one's partner's perspective, as long as one does not get into an argument or abuse.

Arguments Can Help You To Find Out The REAL Cause.

Conclusions should not be reached in the middle of the battle. Battles between people or couples, when properly conducted, are an effective method of communication and can lead to a much stronger and healthier relationship.

When it's time to sit down and talk about resolving the conflict, the most important thing a couple can do is listen without interrupting.

For What Reasons People Remain In Unhappy Relationships?

It is less common for people to be in a relationship even though they are unhappy because they want to "spare" their partners the "pain" of separation.

Human Tendency – I Am Perfect Thinking.

If you decide to stay in an unhappy marriage or with your children, you may realize that you may be addressing things that are likely to improve over time, and that will require some effort to bring about improvements in the relationship. But if you still feel like trying it out, talk to your partner about what you find unhappy and see if he or she is on board to improve relationships.

You may think you are in an unhappy relationship because your partner is annoying you or telling you that you don't like him or can make him happy. But it may be that the real reason you are in an unhappy relationship is that you want it to change rather than take control, or that you are unable to negotiate your own needs within the relationship.

Move Forward In Your Relationship.

Staying in an unhappy relationship is easier when women have low self-esteem and that is one of the reasons why many women remain loveless married.

Some people find it difficult to let go of a partner who makes them unhappy because they are afraid of being alone. There are a number of different reasons why people choose to stay, but if you find one that resonates with you, it may be time to think about why you are staying in the relationship and choose another reason.

You might think separations are painful, but nothing is as painful as remaining in unhappy relationships.

Relationship: How Often Does The Normal Couple Fight?

Couples may argue, but not always over sex or money. It has been revealed that couples quarrel a normal of 2,455 times a year. Cash issues, overspending, idleness, and not paying attention are among the top problems.

Although vicious fights are not ideal (not including abuse, which is never acceptable), relationships have a lot to do with their success, though there are still times when couples are much happier and happier. A couple's sexual relation can mess up for about 87 arguments a year, while 67 are identified as partners not saying 'I love you' enough.

If both partners find a mutually acceptable solution, you may start arguing more often. This is because couples tend to always argue and just take what comes.

Build Trust & Act Quicker

A red flag is when a person (or people) argues just for the sake of argument, simply wants to be right, or has no reason other than to argue their own personal interests.

Couples who are in healthy relationships are less likely to fight, and when they do, they are quicker in their battles because they have the tools to help them get back on track and process the conflict. Sit down with your partner's diary and review all the arguments you make recently.

Healthy couples may or may not argue on a daily basis; however, if it happens regularly, it is not a healthy way. Research shows that couples make arguments 7 times a day. Some couples may argue once a week, but there is no consensus on how often they should argue or whether they should argue with each other.

Some couples argue about communication that links to the other conflicts that end the relationship. The study also revealed that the normal couple argues about youngster’s training and disciplining 88 times a year.

When you notice your partner regularly withdrawing and not speaking to you for days, the fight is toxic. Another sign that fighting is unhealthy is avoiding certain activities that you know will lead to a fight.

How Would You Fix A Relationship When You Fight Throughout The Day?

When you try to figure out whether it is worth fighting for a relationship, you often fall into the trap of thinking that the man in your relationship can or will make you happy. So you know if your relationships are worth fighting for: do you love your boyfriend or husband or do you want to change something in the relationship? Don't let yourself be obsessed by the fact that he or she is constantly fighting with you, even if it is only for the sake of fighting.

Your Mate Is A Different Person.

The best way to repair the damage caused by big fights is to prioritize the relationship with your partner. If you are both on the same page and can communicate openly, try to find a way together that works best for both of you.

Every relationship will encounter problems that need to be worked on and discussed, no matter how painful. Conflicts always have solutions, and if you want to maintain your relationship and keep it healthy, it is necessary to find solutions and resolve your arguments as quickly as possible.

If you keep repeating old arguments and arguing about the same things without resolve or compromise, it can be problematic to get upset about fighting all the time. When that happens, a couple may not know what to do and may see the constant struggle as a major problem in their relationship.

Fights are an integral part of any relationship, but they are not an indication of an unhealthy partnership. A genuine, healthy relationship knows that even if you argue, you still respect and love each other and accept that it's okay to agree to disagree in order to avoid disagreement. Healthy couples communicate and spend time together, but they are also able to reach reasonable compromises that work for both sides.

If you avoid a certain activity that you know will lead to a fight, that is not a sign that fighting is unhealthy. If you want to stop arguing about sex with your partner, you need to have a clear head and if you do, talk about it.

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