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Will Charisma Ever Rule The World?

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Have you ever thought of what all the leaders or successful people have in common?

There are a lot of books and articles about it like Think and Grow Rich, How Rich People Think, The Richest Man in Babylon, and all others that most people read to know about how to become a successful leader, to become wealthy, and to have financial freedom.

So, how and where do you start? What is the most fundamental thing a leader needs to become successful? One word, Charisma.

All the leaders you follow on social media, whether you watch their videos, how they act or how they write - you think they are always pumped with energy and always positive. That is because they have charisma.

So, what is this Charima, let’s understand together.

Charisma is one word you often hear when describing amazing people. Not very clear. Right? Let's understand in a little more detail.

Charisma is a set of characteristics and behaviors that, when put together, transform into a magnetic and engaging personality. Charisma depends more on who you really are than on what you do. Trust, conviction, vision and a "why" for life are all high-quality characteristics that make people more charismatic.

Although possessing these qualities and abilities does not necessarily guarantee that you will be charismatic.

Will Charisma Ever Rule the World?

Charisma - Not An Inherited Skill But A Learnable One.

Many people believe that it is a gift from God that is given to a few lucky ones. It is what is inside you, as opposed to what you really are as a person.

You can tap into their charm by asking yourself questions like, "How Am I Charismatic?”

Today, many believe that charisma can be taught or even learned. When you learn how to develop a charismatic personality, you become a crowd puller and influence people around you.

Some people were not born with a charismatic charm. They have to fake it till they make it.

Charisma is a skill that has been practiced since ancient times, and although it is more natural for some people such as the ability to read, write, speak, dance or sing. It cannot be developed through work on a behavioral level, but it is something that can be learned and developed across all personality traits.

Charismatic Leaders Around The World.

Charismatic leaders are excellent role models because they set a personal example by showing traits and behaviors consistent with the vision and mission they represent. They are almost like saviors, and people follow them when they feel they are putting things right.

In politics, we have had people like Narendra Modi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and countless others who have distinguished themselves as "charismatic" leaders.

Steve Jobs is a legendary figure in the computer industry who has profoundly influenced the development of the entire computer world. He helped the Apple Group overcome numerous crises, led to significant productive change, and even led to employees being willing to work up to 90 hours a week.

Elon Musk is highly charismatic in the fact that he questions what others think is impossible. He challenges himself in ways that others may not, even if they believe it would have been impossible.

Satya Nadella believes in the power of positive leadership and relies on actions that strengthen notions of growth, mentality, and empathy.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you want to learn how to be a charismatic person. This blog will give you some characteristics or tips on how to lead yourself and others in your life to become more charismatic.


Charismatic people know how to present themselves positively, have confidence in their work and are therefore not afraid to call the shots and make informed decisions. You need to be confident and build the confidence of others around you. Simply put, charisma is the characteristic that makes a person unique in the eyes of the rest of us.

Make Others Laugh.

Having humor means not taking yourself too seriously. Do anything that can make a person smile or laugh and know that he is appreciated. It is just a simple gesture but with a huge effect on his day. You’ll never know how much he needs it. You can also say compliments or jokes! People like that. It goes a long way if you try to make the day of people you ran into a little bit better and happier. They might also do it to other people.

Give importance to the views of others.

Charisma is one of the few characteristics that can take you very far in life. To be charismatic, you have to listen to others and always stay positive, no matter what you are getting. If you are a good listener, you can connect with others by showing that you are trustworthy, reliable, and supportive. When you ask questions, people will remember you and open up to you more.

Prioritize People Over Designation/Rank.

It’s all about having real connections with people. May it be your followers, prospects, friends, anybody you ran into the store or bank, whoever you had a conversation with, make it remarkably. It is important to acknowledge people even if you don’t know much about them. You can smile or say hello and ask how they are doing.

Positive Mentor.

People see and get positivity from you. They will eventually see you as influential and a great leader. When they think of you, you remind them of positive thoughts. They would want to know more about you and get closer to you. They will come to you for inspiration and wanted to become your friend. When you finally see those reactions of people to your actions, it will make you feel happy as well. It will make you feel more like a leader because you have influenced them in simple ways.

Being Adaptable.

No matter how difficult the situation, a strong leader is always able to find inner strength and overcome the challenge. His ability to solve problems and embrace change helps him to adapt very quickly to anything that can happen.

A charismatic leader can use all the tools of charismatic leadership, he can develop a vision for an organization that is a leader in an industry. If there is a leader who can communicate and convince employees to increase work efficiency, he is likely to be a charismatic leader. One must be outstanding in order to run a company and have a special ability to improve efficiency and management.

Depending on the personality and experience of life, charisma can trigger a number of different reactions depending on the life experiences of the personality.

I hope you found this post valuable. If so, I would greatly appreciate if you comment below and share the value!

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