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Will Instagram "Reels" Be Upcoming SUPER STAR ‘APP’

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We all agree that Instagram is one of the foremost photo and video-sharing service owned by Facebook, Inc.. Instagram began exploring options with its new “Reels” feature in Brazil in 2019. “Reels” is not an independent app, yet another new feature being embedded inside Instagram application that permits users to create quick 15-seconds short movies, supported on both Android and iOS devices. In June 2020 - Instagram launched “Reels” feature in France and Germany and recently in India.

Are you thinking along the same lines?
Are you able to find "Reels"? If not, let me help you
"Reels" - Tell your Story in 15 seconds
Accidentally put wrong video on your profile. Follow 3 steps HelpinGUIDE 
Reach your audience
Why it is difficult to compete "Reels" with other video sharing apps

Instagram “Reels” – A Substitute for TikTok lovers

The government of India took the decision to restrict 59 Chinese apps that were widely accessible on the Play Store and TikTok is one of the most popular apps. As soon as this decision made, companies from across the globe started working on the rival app having similar functionality and look n feel. Recently, Facebook has launched Instagram “Reels” in India as a competitor to TikTok. This commendable decision has now opened new opportunities within India to explore more options in this online space.

With recent Instagram updates and since then users are keen to explore more about "Reels" and its functioning, here is all you need to know:

Are you thinking along the same lines?

Instagram "Reels" is said to be an innovative move to compete with Chinese app TikTok in the short video app marketplace. With "Reels", you can communicate while engaging and entertaining others with your unique content, regardless of creating a fun new move, dance steps, or spreading a social message on some topic you care about. On "Reels", you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip motion pictures videos with different innovative inbuilt tools. There is no point without sharing. Right? Here you can post/ share your content with followers on Feed, plus "Reels" can also be available and accessible to the broader network through another new space in Explore.

Are you able to find "Reels"? If not, let me help you?

If you are a new user, "Reels" is a little hard to find. Although company has made a few UI tweaks/ changes, now it is somewhat simpler to find "Reels" through Explore tab and user profile. Yet it is somewhat hard to find out how you can make a new one. The user interface slightly helps you to remember TikTok. You can choose a soundtrack, add visual effects, and set up a clock to record a 15 seconds clip. Once you created a 'Reel' it is shown in the “Feed” section, inside your profile, and in case your content is good enough to share throughout Instagram, it will allow you to post inside the “Explore” tab.

"Reels" - Tell your Story in 15 seconds

At the moment, there are nearly five different ways to create movies on Instagram:

…. live video; …. video within a story; …. normal video on your Instagram feed; …. long-form IGTV video; and …. now "Reels" which is a new feature.

Leaving apart live video recording, you will have alternatives where you can create and share motion pictures based on your choice.

  1. Open Instagram App on your phone (make sure you have the latest version of the app).

  2. Click on the Story icon on the top left corner of the app screen or just swipe left.

  3. "Reels" option now be visible among the current ones including Boomrang, filters, and more be visible.

  4. Click on "Reels" and pick audio from Instagram Music library. There is a huge collection of audio tracks be available for you so you can create interesting and exciting "Reels" depending upon your choice and interest. Like TikTok, you can also record your own voice other than lip-syncing in "Reels" using 'Use Audio' option.

  5. Of course, "Reels" which you created can also be modified, re-created, and/ or deleted if needed.

Accidentally put the wrong video on your profile. Follow HelpinGUIDE 3 steps:

When you made your Reel, you can share it on your Instagram profile. Likewise, IGTV icon - you can use the "Reels" icon and post, share your media on Instagram. In any case, if you want to remove a video clip from your profile, you just need to follow the steps outline below:

  1. In your post, tab on Three Dots and then tap on Erase.

  2. Once clicked, a confirmation message appears on your phone screen, where you need to tap on Delete.

  3. You can also archive or hide your "Reels" from your profile, followers, and other people, so they can’t see them.

Reach your audience.

Instagram's "Reels" feature is in an exploratory or early-stage which gives liberty to analyze the performance globally. What Instagram "Reels" truly needs is a powerful content creation feature/tool and an effective way of utilizing or consuming short movies in a loop. While company is working to get more advanced features or improvements, things may get jumble up and as an option, they may think to choose to turn into a standalone app.

Facebook is known to make experiments and kill products quickly, but if "Reels" gets enough user base it would simply turn out to be a mainframe for Instagram.


Why it is difficult to compete "Reels" with other video sharing apps

Developers not only within India but across the globe are working on the competitor app. Replacement of TikTok app is not as simple as it looks like but isn’t impossible as well. With Boycott of Chinese products and removal of 59 apps from the PlayStore gives options to the Indian base to come up with a desi app / MADE IN INDIA app which fulfills user demand.


For the time being, local TikTok clones are just attempting to accomplish a high number of downloads without focusing on content and features, some of the alternative apps -

  1. Dubsmash

  2. Triller

  3. Roposo

  4. Mitron

  5. Funimate

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