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Woman In A Relationship: 10 Things You're Forgetting To Do

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Understanding women in a relationship is not as hard as you might think. Having a relationship without knowing the rules is like playing basketball or any other game without rules. Can you imagine what would happen? Total chaos. That's exactly what our relationships are most of the time. It is not how it was supposed to be though. Luckily, we can all do something to change it. It is within our power to make our relationships better.

Understanding women in a relationship is as important as understanding men. To better understand the nature of the relationship between a man and a woman, it is important to understand some basic concepts.

First of all, it is crucial to know that man's energy is associated with Sun, which is considered to be a very stable entity, while woman's energy links to Moon, the constantly changing one. Therefore, understanding women in a relationship means that the woman should be in harmony with the man because it is easier to stabilize.

The second important rule in understanding women in a relationship says that Man's energy corresponds to intelligence (the capacity for understanding and knowledge, the ability to think abstractly or deeply) - a vertical force, while Woman's energy corresponds to Mind (the human consciousness that originated in the brain, especially in thoughts, memory, perception, feeling, desire and imagination) - a horizontal force.

In our society, men and women struggle with each other, and it happens for only one reason - lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is hard to underestimate the importance of studying the rules of understanding women in relationships.

Women, as well as men, have to follow certain rules and have very strict obligations that must be followed to create proper communication and fruitful connection between the partners.

How Do We Usually Tend To Resolve Our Relationship Problems?

It is sad to admit, but usually, our options are quite limited. Most often it happens through arguing and confrontation. Our reactions to each other are totally impulsive, spontaneous, and chaotic. We don't understand the nature of the problem we face and how to approach them. Trying to understand women in a relationship could be one of the ways that help us overcome the root of the problem.

Conflict is hardly a solution to anything. It still remains our preferred approach to any problem, including intimate relationships. The argument between partners suggests an imbalance of women. It is very important to embrace this truth if we want to bring more clarity in understanding women in relationships.

If you want to progress in understanding women in a relationship, then then you have to understand their sensitivity and allow them to express it freely. On the other hand, women should understand the lack of sensitivity, as well as attentiveness in men. When communicating with a man, a woman has to make everything very clear and distinct.

Let’s discuss in details woman's obligations in the relationship. Please pay attention to those you disagree with:

1. Woman sends the signal when she's ready to create a family.

When a woman is ready to create a family, she energetically sends signals to attract men into her life. The first thing in understanding women in a relationship indicates that women get less attached in the beginning of the relationship and get more attached in time. The opposite is true for men. That's why it is more important for a woman to care about marriage. Once married, a woman has more security in her relationship.

It is also important to know that marriage for a woman is the most important thing in her life. It is second important for a man, the first place is taken by his work.

Married couples go through many ups and downs, sometimes they feel really close, and sometimes they don't. When the "difficult" time comes, the woman is the one who holds the family together. Happiness in the family lies within the female power.

2. Woman handles everything inside the house.

Understanding women in a relationship is meant to accept that house is under a complete woman's control. This means she is responsible for cleaning, laundry, decorating, cooking and any kind of repair work. This doesn't mean that she has to do it herself, but she needs to be the one to arrange it.

It also does not mean that the man is not asked to help. However, this means that it is not his primary responsibility. If the woman doesn’t understand this rule, it causes a lot of problems and arguments in the family.

It will be the same if the man accuses the woman of not earning enough money, it will humiliate her as work is not his primary responsibility, the home is. Everyone should take care of their domain to create peace and harmony.

3. Woman is responsible for the moral purity of the children.

In children, intelligence comes from men, character traits come from women. Vedic knowledge teaches that a woman gives the wisdom of all men to a child she has lived. A woman undergoes mental/emotional changes that affect her physical level at the DNA level. It cannot be changed, but only modified by another transformation.

This is why in Vedic culture, as well as many other traditions, it was expected that a woman would be a virgin girl at the time of marriage. Thus, it was guaranteed that her children would get the wisdom of their husbands and no one else. Therefore, the emphasis on female purity brings another aspect in understanding women in relationships.

4. Woman can change her husband only if she truly cares about him.

Even though a woman may not like her husband's character, but with her deep care, she is able to bring about a change in their relationship. How does she do that? By playing her role properly. The one and only who gives a woman a chance to change her husband and improve the connection.

Woman power is in own faith. If a woman is loyal, the man becomes extremely strong in everything he does. If she is unfaithful, the man loses and cannot do anything due to lack of his strength.

5. Woman should know protective prayers and mantras for her husband and children.

It is the responsibility of a woman to know, read and chant protective prayers for her family. It doesn't really matter what the sources are, because they are all very powerful. Understanding women in relationships is about knowing this rule.

6. Woman has the responsibility to become her husband's best friend.

There are three levels of friendship - informal, formal, and close.

Informal involves your work connections;

Formal ones are based on common interests; and

A close friendship is usually formed between people who have karma relationships.

According to Vedic knowledge, a woman becomes her husband's best friend as soon as she gets married. This knowledge has been forgotten and nowadays married couples are not aware of it. They often suggest each other for their own business. Understanding women in relationships means that the woman wants friendship with her husband.

7. Woman has to give her mental powers if someone's sick in the house.

If both the husband and the wife become ill at the same time, then the wife should take care of her husband more than herself, because he takes care of the outside world, which is more important for the wellbeing of the family. Understanding this principle gives another angle in understanding women in relationships.

8. Woman has to inspire a man to take care of her.

If something is going wrong with a woman, whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally, she does not have to keep it inside her, but rather share it with her husband. This is a serious issue in making women understand in a relationship, as women usually expect their husbands to notice things. This is not going to happen, because he does not have this ability. He should be told what is going on, then he can take appropriate decisions and take further action.

9. Woman has to make sure that her husband is optimistic.

If one person in the family is less optimistic, the family will run into serious problems. There are some rules in structuring the Karma family. This not only helps in understanding a woman in a relationship but also clarifies the coordination of actions within the family.

The man carries the family's karma, while the woman completes it. If the man does not fulfill his goals in the outside world, the woman suffers more from it, as it deprives her of comfort inside the house. Therefore, it is very important for a woman to ensure that her husband feels good about himself and his duties. Understanding women in relationships include the understanding of family karma.

10. Woman takes care of the religious needs of the family.

We all agree that women are more religious than men, so it is easy for them to take care of this part of their relationship. This does not mean that a man should not be included in the religious life of the family, but it will not be his direct responsibility to take care of it. Understanding women in a relationship points to the difference between the spiritual and religious needs of the family.

It is important to realize that understanding women in a relationship can change both men and women. It will help resolve many problems and overcome many obstacles. Still, it is crucial to recognize that the process will take some time. Married people have family karma, their connection is very strong - in order to figure things out, they would need a lot of strength, patience, and faith.

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