Short Stories

Make It A Rule of Life

It was Wednesday🕚11am when a friend of mine introduced me to her friend🤝. Until we met, we had no idea that we lived in the same society. 

Two Strangers

Zoha is a tall, fatty and clever teacher👩‍🏫from the city. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Aarav👨‍🍳, a smart, sexy man with a passion for cookery. 


I decided to write about🎭nepotism which we experience throughout our life🔎. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death puts nepotism in limelight💡.

Why Him? I Don't Know

This is a great story about the power of gifts🎁and the importance in human relationships🎀.

Glimpse Of My Solo Trip

I love traveling🚢. I was lucky enough to travel alone and to experience my first solo trip🏍.

My Style, My Dress

Nearly two months ago I was talking to my sister👧that I really wanted to have a designer cloth for my1️⃣0️⃣months old kid.

Just Thinking

Whatever makes you joyful😃– I'm okay with it. But have you ever done anything about your happiness TODAY🤯?

Dear Pen Friend

Usually, little things become memories🗯which gives smile to our face😊. It is only one of our experiences we have had in our life.

My First Toy!!

I am a happy turtle🐢. I am a little colorfultoy especially for kids. I am very attractive full of lights on my shell. Kids love my wonderful🎶music.

I 💘 ME

I had struggled with an idea🗯of perfection almost my whole life. I would like to be an ideal student👩‍🎓, daughter👩‍💼, sister👩‍🎤, ….👩‍✈️ I have to be on the top in every aspect of my life.

Hide a Secret

Everyone has a secret🤐which he or she will revel at the right point of time⌛. This is a story of a happy couple👵💓👴who stays in a village.

Follow Ur Dreams

Life is so bubbly🤓, isn't it? Life is unpredictable📙, we never know what we will have next, a black n white or colored page. My story starts when I was a👧teenager.

You deserve..

There are 4 members in my family - Mom👵, Dad👴, Me👨and my Wife🙋. Last year, my parents went out on back to back✈️yatra trips and my beautiful wife staying all day alone @home🏡. I usually busy with my work at office.


How I define relationship❣️?

Love💞+ Marriage + Baby👶Carriage = Relationship

uh-oh! oh-no!

I was in standard 4️⃣th when I had a feeling of love😍. I was at Principal’s office because I was the most talkative girl in my class.

I💘U, No matter what!

Story of a girl👧who had a bad habit of getting angry and use foul language🤬sometimes. Her parents👪were very upset with her behavior. Her teachers👩‍🏫 often lectured to control her anger and improve her behavior.

Bad day ≠ Bad life

On July 17th, 2017📅- I applied lipstick💄for the first time. Yes, there was a special day for me. People around me also got a little sense that something is special, the day of my Job interview.

Appreciation = Motivation

We all agree that being wife💃is a different responsibility; however, being a housewife👩‍🍳or working woman👷‍♀️is entirely different. My daily routine starts with brush, bath and then cooking, when others are in their dreams💭.

My Life, My Wife

Another day is over and reached🏠home through usual office cab🚕. While entering from main door, I heard some noise📢. When I went through the hall, I noticed my neighbors were sitting with parents and were talking about Class 12th result📝.


One day I was looking for one of my gadgets🎹 which I placed inside my kid’s wardrobe🗄️. On shutting the door, one designer cloth👚 which kept on the second shelf fire multiple questions❓ one by one without taking a breath...

Good Attitude Comes with Good Personality

Never thought🤔 that I would ever have to stay away from home, but one of the many things come at the very first time👍 and their feeling is also unique😎.