I 💛Short


My Little Bundle of Joy

It was a typical sunny🌞day. I came back home from school🎒, had lunch🍱, and stood close to the window. I kept looking at the passersby👥for a while without doing anything. Dad was watching me from the entrance⛩️and after passing a few minutes🕒came into the room.

A Possibility

One evening I was thinking🤔something, that I was stunned myself👀. I thought💡how good🤭it would be if everything on the planet🪐was arranged in an unexpected way. Well, for example,🧒children should have main things in all cases, and👨adults need to follow them in all things. All in all, with the goal that adults resemble children, and children resemble adults. That would be quite cool; It will be very interesting🤟.

Make It A Rule of Life

It was Wednesday🕚11am when a friend of mine introduced me to her friend🤝. Until we met, we had no idea that we lived in the same society. This✍🏻story is about my new👧🏻friend's hobby that resembles all of us🤩.

Why Him.. I Don't Know

This is a great story about the power of gifts🎁and the importance in human relationships🎀.

My Style, My Dress

Nearly two months ago I was talking to my sister👧that I really wanted to have a designer cloth for my1️⃣0️⃣months old kid. We had a long conversation about if I should give one of my outfit👗to tailor for creating something unique for her or I should go order online. 

A Living Hat

A story about two🎎friends and Pixi🐈, on which a hat fell from an almirah. At first, girls👧 thought that the hat👒is alive and were very scared but soon⌛the mystery of the cap was revealed.


I decided to write about🎭nepotism which we experience throughout our life🔎. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death puts nepotism in limelight💡. The close terms which everyone is well versed are “partiality” or “favouritism”🗬.

Two Strangers

Zoha is a tall, fatty and clever teacher👩‍🏫from the city. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Aarav👨‍🍳, a smart, sexy man with a passion for cookery. In the early days, Zoha😲dislikes Aarav and his profession but within a few months she impressed by Aarav.

Glimpse Of My Solo Trip

I love traveling🚢. I was lucky enough to travel alone and to experience my first solo trip🏍.

A Thought

Whatever makes you joyful😃– I'm okay with it. But have you ever done anything about your happiness TODAY🤯? “I AM GOING TO BE HAPPY” is the most communal idiom we listen. Why it can’t be😬– “I AM HAPPY”?

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"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.- Zig Ziglar

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