A Living Hat

A Living Hat

A story about two🎎friends and Pixi🐈, on which a hat fell from an almirah. At first, girls👧 thought that the hat👒is alive and were very scared but soon⌛the mystery of the cap was revealed.

The hat was put on the almirah, Pixi - the kitten was sitting on the floor🏠close to almirah, and both👭Gunvee and Innaya were sitting at the table and painted🖼️pictures.

Suddenly, something fell behind them on the floor. A hat👒was seen on the floor near almirah.👧Gunvee went close to the almirah, twist down, wanted to lift her hat and unexpectedly she shouted:🗣 “Ahhhhh!! And ran🏃‍♀️away.

“What happened🤔?” Innaya asks.
It is alive!💓It is alive! – Gunvee replied.
Innaya questioned, “Who is alive❓”
Gunvee answered, “Hat👒, My Hat.”
Innaya, “What are you saying!😲Is there life in a hat?”
Gunvee, “See👀yourself!”

Innaya came closer and🙄looked at the hat. Suddenly, the hat crawled⇝straight towards her👧. She also starts yelling:
“This is unbelievable!😱And jumped on the couch🛋️. Gunvee followed her.”

The👒hat was moving↬from here to there in the room and suddenly stopped🚫. Seeing this, the girls trembled with😨fear, then the hat changed↬direction and started coming towards the 🛋️couch.

The girls screamed🙄and jumped off🤸‍♀️the couch and ran out of the room. They ran🏃🏼‍♀️into the kitchen and shut the door🚪behind them.

“I am go-in-ng!”
Innaya says, “where❓”
Gunvee, “Going home🏠”
Innaya, “Why❓”
Gunvee, “I'm afraid of hat👒! This is the first time I see a hat around↬the room.”
“Perhaps somebody is pulling it by🧵string? What you think🤔?”
Innaya, “Let's go together👭. I have a stick. If it climbs on us, I'll break it with a stick🦯.”
Gunvee, “Wait, I take🦯stick too.”
Innaya, “Okay, but I don't have another one at home.”
Gunvee, “Alright, I'll take a broom🧹.”

They took a stick and a broom and opened the door🚪quietly and stared👀into the room from one end to the other.

“Where is it?” Innaya asks.
“Over there, under the table.” Gunvee replied.
Both knocks on the floor with a stick and broom🧹and shout:
“Hey, you hat👒!” but the hat did not give any response.
"Let's through a slipper👡on it.” She threw one but missed, threw second👡, again missed. Finally, they throw the stick🦯towards it. The hat jumps up!

Meow!🐱Meow! Yelled something.

After few seconds⌚, a brown tail came out from under the hat, then a leg, and then the kitten🐈jumped out.

After seeing this, girls started🤣laughing😂out loud when they saw each other. Both were happy.
Gunvee picks up the hat👒! Innaya catches🐈Pixi and hugs🤗her! and asked “dear, how did you come under your hat?” But Pixi didn’t respond, she only blinked her eyes🥺.

Little Things That Make Me Feel Good:
1. Rain dance
2. Enjoy my music
3. Breakfast in bed
4. Enjoy small victory
5. An extra hour of sleep
6. Small gesture of kindness
7. Phone dialog with loved ones
8. Daily 15 mins of deep breathing
9. Playing childhood favorite game
10. Thank You message from friend or colleague