A Possibility

A Possibility

One evening I was thinking🤔something, that I was stunned myself👀. I thought💡how good🤭it would be if everything on the planet🪐was arranged in an unexpected way. Well, for example,🧒children should have main things in all cases, and👨adults need to follow them in all things. All in all, with the goal that adults resemble children, and children resemble adults. That would be quite cool; It will be very interesting🤟.

👉To start with, I imagine how my mom👩act upon my story, which my dad🧔doesn’t like at all. My grandma👵would probably spend the whole day screaming😖at me.

What if I give orders and they will adhere my guidelines?🔮
Here you go: My mom👩sits at lunch, and I advise her:

"Why did you start your lunch🍔without prayer🙏? Does your face look like the Bollywood actor🎭?

Now eat slowly🐌! What's more, she started to eat food with her head down🙃. After some moment I again asked, are you solving the world's problems❓ Chew it well! And don't swing the chair!”

And then Dad🧔would come home after work💼, and before he said anything, I shouted:
"Meet the busiest👨‍💼man on earth!!" He started looking around👀, and I asked, do you see anybody else❓First of all, wash your hands🙌and brush your teeth😬well. Okay…❓ Show me your nails! It is terrible, looks like some sort of claw!

I kept👀looking at him for a while and said, “Do not smell👃, you are not a girl. Go to the table, sit down and eat silent chap🥪.”

He slowly asks his mother: "Well, how are you❓"
👵She said softly: "I am good!"

And I immediately start imparting knowledge🧠on the table by saying that when we are at the dining 🪑, we don’t talk! Not sure how often⌚I need to tell this. Remember this forever, the "Golden Rule"⚖️.

“Dad!🧔Put the newspaper📰down for God sake.” And he used to sit like a gentleman🧔! Now the food is over, and I asked him, to fold your hands and tell me about your day📅!

What is the view! 😑I am in the air; the hat👒is on the back of the head and cheeks are red. I played🏑hockey again! I go on a picnic and spend the day with my🕺friends🕺without permission. There will be no fear of📚examination and results📑. I am making the most of my life like a king🤴.

Then I came out of the room and I saw all 3️⃣ were gossiping and I told them:
"All sit for lessons📚because I have to go to the film📽️for a while!"

I knew, they would immediately say that we also want to go to the film!

I thought💭for a sec and replied:
"No, we just went to a birthday🎂celebration yesterday and last week I took you to the circus🎪as well! Look! Not all days are the same, so sit at home🏡! There are chocolate🍫and ice cream🍨 here, enjoy it."

At that point grandma👵would have asked:
"Take me at least! After all, every child can take an adult with them for free!"

I smiled😊and said:
"People after the age of 7️⃣ 0️⃣ are not allowed to enter. Sit at home🏡!"

And I would have walked🚶out, deliberately tapping loudly with my shoes👞, as I didn’t notice that their eyes were already wet🥺. I would start to dress, and spin🔄in front of the mirror for a while.
Shortly thereafter, I opened the door🚪and looked at them one by one and say…

Before I could think💤something, get some sense, my mom👩came in and said:
You are still sitting🧎. Where have you lost today❓Do you feel like a Bollywood star🎭?

Ways To Help Your Child Develop A Positive Attitude:
1. Engage them in meditation or yoga
2. Involve them to think about positive thoughts
3. Recognize your child strength’s and support them
4. Create extra ordinary moments and capture them
5. Love them, hug them, laugh with them, and spent quality time with them
6. Volunteering in any work – kitchen, home clean, helping a friend or neighbor