A Stupid Thing

A Stupid Thing

Shub wasn't a little👦boy. He was 4️⃣years of age. But his👱‍♀️mom thought he was a tiny👶kid. She took care of him and fed him with a🥣spoon, took a walk by the handle, and dressed👞him herself in the morning.

One day Shub woke up in his🛏️bed and his👱‍♀️mom started dressing him up. So, she dressed it and put it on his feet👣on the bed. But Shub suddenly fell. Mom💭thought he was naughty😈and so put him on his feet once more. But he fell again. Mom was😨surprised, and the 3️⃣times put him near the crib. Yet, the👶baby fell once more.

His mother was frightened and called his father🧖‍on the phone📱.
She said, "Come🏠home soon. Something happened to our kid - he can't stand on his👣feet.
Dad🧖comes in and says, "This is stupid. Our boy👦walks and runs🏃‍♂️well, and there can be no way that he falls.

And he instantly puts the boy👦outside the🤖toy🧸room. The boy👦wants to go inside, but again, for the fourth time, falls.

Dad says, "We should call the👨‍⚕‍doctor as soon as possible. Our kid must have been snatched. He must have had some🍬candy last night. The doctor comes with🔎glasses🥽and a tube🩺.

👨‍⚕‍The doctor says to Shub👦, why are you falling?

Shub says, "I don't have a clue🧩, why, but I fall a couple of times.”

The doctor tells his👱‍♀️mom, "Come on, pull out his👕t-shirt, I'm going to examine📋him.
Both🧖‍♂‍Dad and mom were standing near him and looking at him👀and the doctor almost at the same time.

The doctor listened to him through the🩺tube and said, "The child is perfectly healthy✅and it's amazing🧠why it falls off. Put it on and put it on his👣feet, again.

Mom👱‍♀️quickly puts the boy👦on the floor and the doctor puts his glasses on his nose👃to see better how the boy👦falls. Within few seconds, he fell again.

The doctor was surprised and said, "Call his👩‍🏫teacher. Maybe she will guess why this child is falling.

Dad took out his📱phone to call his teacher, and at the same time, a friend came to meet👦Shub. Manik looked at Shub’s condition from⬆️top to bottom⬇️, laughed🤣, and laughed🤣.

After⌛some time, he said, “I know why your son is falling.”👨‍⚕‍The doctor says, "Look at the🧑‍🔬scientist, he knows better than me. Manik is a very🤧emotional champ and he said, "Look how👦Shub is dressed👕👖👞. He's got one side of jeans hanging, and he's got both🦵legs stuck in the other. That's why he's falling.
Shub said, "My mother👱‍♀️was the one who dressed me.
"You don't have to call a teacher👩‍🏫. Now we understand why the child is falling😞. - said the doctor.

"🌅In the morning I was in a hurry to cook breakfast🥣cereal for him, and I was very😟worried, and that may be the reason I put both his🦵legs on one side and didn’t notice afterward. – his mother😖said.

Manik said, "I always👕dress👖👞myself, and I don't do such stupid things. Adults always have good things.

After listening to his friend, Shub👦said, "Now, I will dress myself too.” Everyone😂giggled and the doctor laughed🤣too. He said goodbye👋to everyone and left the house🏡. Dad🧖‍♂‍went to the office🏢. Mom👱‍♀️went to the kitchen. And Manik and Shub stayed in the🚹room. They started playing with🪀toys🔫and the next day Shub dressed up by own, and no stupid stories happened again.

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