A Thought

A Thought

Whatever makes you joyful😃– I'm okay with it. But have you ever done anything about your happiness TODAY🤯? "I AM GOING TO BE HAPPY” is the most communal idiom we listen. Why it can’t be😬– “I AM HAPPY”? We all have daily routines✍🏻. More or less, all of us usually spend most of our day and life at work. Have you ever thought is it good or worse?” Don’t spend your time as UNHAPPY😔. We never know when our life comes to an end!

We think that I WILL BE HAPPY ONE DAY, but will that day actually come💡? Will I see that day before my death⌚?

“when I finish school🏫, then I will be happy.”…… “when I get a job💼, then I will be happy.”……”when I get married💍, THENNN I’ll be happy.”……”when my children will be settled down and I retire👴THENNNNNN I will be happy.” And so on…⏳…

At the end, we didn’t get happiness🔽. It may sound sad, but it’s true. Most of us have same life. But it is not our fault❌. We are stuck within the narrow thinking🗯which making us SICK🤒. It’s us who constantly say, “AND THEN I’LL BE HAPPY”. We need to replace “And-Thens” to becoming “Right Nows”

👍Yes, we should be happy RIGHT NOW. We must either find a job we love😍or bring more love into our job. It’s time to leave or change modus operandi🧐. STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR LIFE. Stop following all lies which you have built inside your heart❤️. Oh…I forget to mention about “Work Like Balance” which we all know from our friends, at office or by social media. Shouldn't be the reverse way around↩️? Shouldn't Life come before Work since when your life is better your work is better;
.….👁‍🗨still so many pending questions yet to be answered🎯.

5 Ways To Think Out-Of-The-Box:
1. Creative solutions
2. Brainstorm
3. Consider worst case
4. Eliminate negativity
5. Learn to listen