How I define relationship❣️?

Love💞+ Marriage + Baby👶Carriage = Relationship

Giving brief intro – my husband and me living in the capital city of INDIA. My husband is working at MNC and I am a writer, a blogger. We got engaged on Aug 11, 2014 and married on Feb 22, 2015. Every year, we celebrate🎉our marriage anniversary with family and friends at home. We always divide our responsibilities equally and keeps on shifting year over year. This year, I👱‍♀️was in-charge of decoration🎈and he was taking care of food and drinks. At night, while I was searching for decoration stuff, I suddenly think of a🎁gift for my loving husband. He is very choosy person and my biggest challenge is to decide some unique gift🎁for him.

In all such activities, I👱‍♀️realized my menstrual cycle got delayed by 2 days and then I decided to take pregnancy test in the morning of 2️⃣2️⃣nd of Feb, 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣. Last night was restless as I👱‍♀️couldn’t sleep, continuously thinking💭whole night about the result and praying god for some positive➕news. At 5 in the morning, I took a pregnancy test and it is positive. Yes, it is positive🤟. I can't express my feelings and I started crying with happiness. I👱‍♀️thank god for everything.

At 6:30 am, my husband reached home, I opened the door and hugged him by wishing Happy Marriage Anniversary😍. I started crying, shaking a bit while speaking - I👱‍♀️have an early gift for you. He said, What❓ I reiterate my words – I have an early present for you. He said – What do you mean by early gift❔ And from whom❓ You❔ and then I gave him a present. He got a little idea🙄of what I am talking about; but still querying me – Are you playing with me❔ After that, he opened the gift🎁pack and found a greeting💌with text – Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!🤟Love from The bump!!, a baby photo👶frame and a pregnancy kit. His eyes filled with tears, he was extremely happy😊; he hugged me tightly and said this is the best gift🎁I have in my life, thanks sweetheart💃. This feels like a dream💭to me!! We have shared that moment with everyone on the dinning. All were very happy. At last, the most awaited day ends with sweet🏘️memories.

5 Relationship Tips for Healthy💑Couples:

  1. Make your partner feel good

  2. Do things together

  3. Communicate with your love

  4. Respect each other

  5. Tweak your schedule

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