Appreciation = Motivation

Appreciation = Motivation

We all agree that being wife💃is a different responsibility; however, being a housewife👩‍🍳or working woman👷‍♀️is entirely different. My daily routine starts with brush, bath and then cooking, when others are in their dreams💭. Including me, we are 3️👪members - my husband and 5️-year-old kid.

At🕖7️o' clock when sun appears to rise, my kid👦leaves for school. Thinking about his breakfast? Yep! He ate his favorite corn flakes and milk. I packed Kissan roll in his lunch; remember famous Ad from Kissan - "Ungli Ghuma Ke Bol, Mere Paas Hai Kissan Roll". The kitchen🍲is attached to the bedroom from where some noise was coming. When I went to bedroom🚹, I noticed my husband is searching for something and mumbling little loud. I asked, May I help you? He looked at me and said, Coffee☕quick! I said, would you prefer to drink in the room or on the dinning; he said at my place.

At🕗8o' clock he also left for his job. There was silence again just like dark night!! Me and my loneliness. Every day, I play with utensils, TV and my iPhone📱. In the afternoon, when my husband and kid👦came back, I usually asked them about their routine. My husband said, you don’t have an idea of how tough for me to manage team. I smiled back in surprise and keep my mouth shut🤐as I don’t want to convert that talk to debate! On the dinner table I announced that the very next day is Sunday and International Women’s Day, so I am on leave and I will go for shopping🛍️with my friends. So, take care of house and enjoy in my absence! Where there were noises before, now kept silence.

As soon as I got up from the table, kid hugged🤗me and said mom, please don't go anywhere. Dad don't know anything not even how to make Maggie🍜. After listening to him, my husband showed his love by taking us on his arms - me on one side and kid on the other👨‍👩‍👦. I realized a change in my husband’s behavior; he started saying “Thank u” before he left home now onwards.

The everyday tasks of a housewife are endless. She gives her life in transforming a house to🏠home - the space which a family calls ‘Happy Sweet🏠Home’. In return she only expects respect, support and little appreciation from us.

Think Of Both As A Working Woman And Housewife:
1. Time for Family
2. Self-Dependency
3. Emotionally Strong
4. Interest
5. Financial vs. moral support
6. Kids responsibility

A Big thanks to Ananaya Gupta for sharing story with us.