Bad Day ≠ Bad Life

Bad Day ≠ Bad Life

On July17th, 2017📅- I applied lipstick💄for the first time. Yes, there was a special day for me. People around me also got a little sense that something is special, the day of my Job interview. I was two months away to get an engineering🧑‍🎓degree and then walking straight to the world of unemployment. I left home and took cab for the office🏢with thinking on my mind that, “I was going to do whatever it took to make sure that I get the job”.

I get inside the interview🚹room, I don't know what happened, something magical✨, may be its Maybelline effect🎇. Regardless, I crushed that interview. YAYYYYYY😄!!!!

At the end of the interview, the primary person👴I am speaking with said, you really impressed us today, not only you have technical expertise, you are funny, you are enthusiastic, you have so much of ideas, you have so much vision for our company. That time, I was really feeling happy from my inner soul😆. Before I said something, he explained to me, we are looking for a quality control engineer, need someone to stay at the end of the product📦lifecycle and check little boxes to make sure their products are meeting quality standard. After talking to you for about 4️⃣0️⃣mins, I can tell you, you would hate coming to work every day☀️for such job and he was absolutely right✔️.

No amount of lipstick was cover of the fact that I didn't🙅‍♀️want to be a quality control engineer. I want to be an inventor;⌛I want to take new products into the market. I didn't leave the interview for a new job, but I did leave for a new look for life🌄and it is very much important to choose a right career which I love.

How To Choose A Right Career🧗?
1. Assess yourself
2. Look for opportunities
3. Mock interview
4. Identify goals
5. Prepare plan of action