Dear Pen Friend

Dear Pen Friend

Usually, little things become memories🗯which gives smile to our face😊. It is only one of our experiences we have had in our life. I came to know about this reality from an incident in my life which took twenty years to open.

One day, I was reading a local magazine📰where I found few people name and address across the world🌏who are interested in making friends in India🇮🇳. This was the time when we didn’t have📵mobile phone, communication was usually over☎️landline and over post card. Sending post card💌or letters to one another was a fashion at that time. I thought there is no harm in trying that, so I decided to write a letter📝to Alice, who lives in New York🇺🇸. I brought a writing pad, few envelopes and a marker. I was a shy person and people thought that I am weird😳because I didn't talk much. One thing which I got to know was that girls👧like to read letters written on the pink paper.

My situation was just like that of the guy who is sitting in the examination hall and was thinking that from where he starts. When I started to write, I was blank; I had nothing to write. It took3️⃣hours to write first letter. Next morning, while putting the envelope in the letter box📬, it felt like I am facing the enemy's bullet. After1️⃣month, Alice wrote her response,

”I wonder how my address got published in the magazine and I am surprised that I have never had the desire to make someone a friend. But it was nice to receive a letter from an unseen and unfamiliar person like you and if you want, I can become your pen friend.🤝“

I don't remember how many times I read her letter💌. It seemed like that letter is my life and I am in the heaven😇. Our conversation began, I used to pay attention to my letters and didn’t write anything that would make that American👧girl feel bad about me and my country🇮🇳. There was a hidden love❤️story in the corner of my heart and don't dare to speak. Alice👧write me long letters, but she didn't share any personal information.

There was no🤔doubt that Alice will be beautiful as the gifts🎁she had sent with letters were sweet. One question which I got in my mind all the time was that it would be rude to ask a girl about her age but what’s wrong to ask for her picture🤳. So, on my next letter, I wrote this request. Alice wrote that she doesn’t have any pic at that point, but she will be sent to me for sure. Year over year, we sent💌greeting and gifts🎁to each other.

I am now a married man. I had shown Alice’s letters to my wife, and along with me, my wife also thinking to meet her. The next morning🌅, I received a letter from Alice's friend that wrote,

“Let me inform you that, last Sunday she had her 78th🎂birthday. When Alice went to market for grocery, she had an accident. Alice used to discuss with me that she loves your letters very much."

Inside the envelope, there was a photo of Alice. She had fulfilled her promise. She was more beautiful than I thought. I was getting emotional and since then, I have not dared to make another pen friend.

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