Englishman Paul

Englishman Paul

“Tomorrow is the 1️⃣st of September”, Mom👱‍♀️said.
– And now autumn has come, and you will go to the2️⃣grade. Hmm…., how time flies⌛!

🧖‍♂️Dad said with a laugh on this occasion, let’s🔪"slaughter" the watermelon🍉! And he took a knife and cut open the watermelon. I opened😮my mouth to eat a watermelon, but then the door🚪open and👦Paul entered the room. We were all incredibly😀happy, because he had not been with us for quite a while, and we really missed him.

– Whoa, who came⁉️- Dad said.
– Paul. Sit down with us, there is🍉watermelon, - said my mom👱‍♀️.
I said: Hello!👋and gave him a seat🪑next to me.
– Hello! He said and sat down.

And we started to eat🍽️and ate for a long time and were silent🔇. We were hesitant to talk and who cares about the talk when there is such delicious food in our mouth👄!

And when👦Paul was given the third slice🍉, he said:
– Hmmm…, I❤️love watermelon. Much more. My grandmother👵never gives me enough to eat.
– And why❓Mom asked.
– She says that after a watermelon, the stomach gets🔥upset.
“True”,🧖‍♂️Dad said. - That's the reason we eat watermelon early in🌄the morning. By evening🌆, its effect 🔚ends, and you can sleep peacefully🛏️. Eat, don't be afraid.

And we all get down to business again without any🤐talks for a long time⌛. Mom began to remove the crusts🍉, dad said:
– Why, Paul, haven't you been with us for so long❔
“Yes”,👦🏻I said. - Where have you been❓What did you do?
Then Paul whispered, blushed🤭, looked around and suddenly fell from the🪑chair.
– What did you do, what did you do?👦🏻I questioned several times.
I studied Russian, that's what I did – said, Paul👦.

I was shocked🤯. I immediately realized that I had spent the whole summer in vain😧. I messed with the hedgehog🌿, played🏏cricket, and wondered here and there.🤔But Paul, he didn’t sit around ideally💡, no, he worked on himself. He raised his level of education🧮. He studied Russian and now I guess he can relate with Russian pioneers and also read Russian books📚!

I quickly felt that I was dying of envy😞, and afterward, my mom 👱‍♀️said:
“Well done,”
Dad said – Good👦Boy!

– So,🤷why don't you use your knowledge, Paul? – said, mom.
– Why didn't you say “Hello”🤝to us in Russian when you came in?
– Well, you ate the🍉watermelon, why don't you say, "thank you"❓
– 💬Of course, You meant to say “thank you” in Russian, not in English; Right❔, Paul said.

Then, at that point I said:
– Paul, show me how to say "1️⃣,2️⃣,3️⃣" in Russian. What’s the🕖time now? tell me in Russian.
“I haven't studied it yet,”👦Paul said.

– What do you mean❓What have you learned❓ I🗣️shouted.
🗯️Have you learned anything in two months or it’s only the new word you have learned “Russian”?
– I learned, how to speak my name in Russian, said Paul👦.
– Well, how❔ - I said.
– In Russian,👦Paul will be Pavel.
– He laughed happily and added: Okay, tomorrow I'll come to class and asked: "Pavel, Pavel, give me an eraser✏️!" Probably everyone’s mouth will be opened😛, they will not understand anything.🤣HAHAHA…..That will be fun🤪!

10 Reasons Why Learning Is Important In Everyone's Life:

1. Makes you happy
2. Helps in confidence
3. Change your viewpoint
4. Access new opportunities
5. Helps you achieve your goals
6. Good for personal development
7. Increase your income and status
8. Good for professional development
9. Helps in acquiring leadership qualities
10. Develops and helps your growth curve