Follow Ur Dreams

Follow Ur Dreams

Life is so bubbly🤓, isn't it? Life is unpredictable📙, we never know what we will have next, a black n white or colored page. My story starts when I was a👧teenager. Like everyone, I also have a very long list of📋wishes. I used to write stories, dramas, stage performance📽and many more. But I considered these things as silly and never share🤫with anyone else. Me👧and my📒dairy are the best mates.

Everyone👩‍🎓has to become successful in their life📈. Leaving all my dreams behind, I also focused on my studies📝. At the age of 2️⃣9️⃣, I had all my achievements✌️with me but still while thinking of my childhood, there were some pieces which are missing😲. I remembered the moment from the year 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ when I was struggling with my health, we ran into the hospital🚑. It seems like this bubbly life had cheated on me😤. Doctors were saying, “I was on the verge of life threating disease, a breast surgery that to be performed without any delay.” Before I could think of loved ones😍, life and my dreams, I was in the operation theater lying on the bed🛌with a big bulb💡in front of me away from shame. I had 2 hours surgery and came back home. All of us were very happy that finally I beat the battle of life at my first attempt🥇. However, you never know when and how life hits👊you back.

This bubbly life threw its second dice🎲and within a year, this disease came back and now this time it was even worst than earlier. On seeing this, the medical💊procedure started again... MRI scan, Core Biposy, a lot of pins and needles in the body💉… along with same anesthesia, same OT, same bulb💡and same bed🛌. Again, I came back home but this time it was more painful as I was broken🤦‍♀️, I was tired. Now I had 2 options:

One way to ask from life – Damn!🤬why me🤷‍♀️?
Second way – think calmly and ask from life why me🙎‍♀️?

May god never do this to you, but if you were in my place, which option would you choose? I choose the second and tried to understand💭that phase of life. If I get one day to live, then what would I do? One side is to think about career where I get prestigious🎓job, awards, rewards, name,👗fame and money💰; second simply enjoy life like getting wet in the rain, singing🎤, open voice on the roof regardless of what people think📢, dancing💃with friends, storytelling, story📑writing and many more.

In this half-dead👀body, I don’t know from where I got motivation, didn’t even wait for the bandages to open. I forgot about my pains which I was dealing with and I opened the drawer and took out my dairy📒, completed my half-way story and finally got a chance to publish my first story @HelpinGUIDE.

From that day onwards, I started enjoying my life with every single moment🤹‍♀️which makes me happy☺️. I no longer worry about upcoming moments😵. What I have for me is today, this moment, this day….everything which I have in my real time🤟. When it comes to enjoyment, enjoy today instead of worrying about tomorrow.

5 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams:
1. Believe
2. Share
3. Plan
4. Work
5. Enjoy