Good Attitude Comes With Good Personality

Good Attitude Comes With Good Personality

Never thought🤔 that I would ever have to stay away from home, but one of the many things come at the very first time👍 and their feeling is also unique😎.

2011 - The year when I started my🎓college and was exploring my space and people. Sooner or later I learned many things.

There was a hot summer day and after completing my day at college, I went outside for my project work📝. While walking, suddenly, it started raining🌧️heavily. I didn’t have umbrella🌂and have few notes/printouts with me. On the roadside, there was a tea☕stall where I was standing and waiting for rain to stop. There was a boy👦🏼standing beside me which also had same situation – a localite.

A little boy at the counter offered me tea. Old music📻was playing somewhere in background. As soon as I took first sip of tea, within a second, a song “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si” started playing. I felt a bit uncomfortable😰at that moment.

But thanks to the Guy who started talking to me to overcome that situation!!😇

A boy standing next to me said,

"if you want to go near, you can take my umbrella, I have to go far, where this umbrella is of no use."

After listening to a stranger, I realized that there are boys like those who do not take advantage instead OFFER💁🏻HELP. Good people create a positive➕and comfortable environment where ultimately stranger will be started enjoying🍿.

Ways To Create A Healthy Space Near You📗:

  1. Develop a Code of Conduct

  2. Positive Behavior

  3. Motivation

  4. Trust

  5. Respond with positivity

  6. Good Relationship

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