Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

One day I was looking for one of my gadgets🎹 which I placed inside my kid’s wardrobe🗄️. On shutting the door, one designer cloth👚 which kept on the second shelf fire multiple questions❓ one by one without taking a second breath:

“what happened Mam? Since 3 months or so, you are not bringing anything new;”
“what happened? No old is being removed, neither you take us to park, nor to the laundry;”
“You know how difficult is for us, sitting all time inside the cabinet in one pose!” Wana try this😉?
"We are getting bored. There is no fun at all."

Huhh…!! It is not just about clothes thing. The whole world is feeling sadness😔 at some point. Sometimes it may act as a depression. I think🤔 a little and respond, “the world is suffering from pandemic, chilling outside the house or walk on the streets or going out in the party is not completely safe anymore.

🏘️STAY HOME and BE SAFE. To overcome their sadness, I play short music🎶 for them every week 😃.

Other Ways To Distress Yourself:
1. Workout or Exercise
2. Seek help from friends and family
3. Meditation
4. Do not judge your feelings
5. And of course, Listen to some good music