Hide A Secret

Hide A Secret

Everyone has a secret🤐which he or she will revel at the right point of time⌛. This is a story of a happy couple👵💓👴who stays in a village. They are sharing everything with one another over7️⃣0️⃣years. They never kept a secret from each other except one🤫. The man put something inside a small storage💼trunk which he kept under ground at the backside of their hut🏠. One day when man is doing something with trunk, his wife👵watches him and ask, “What you kept under ground🕳️?” While answering, he said, "Never open it".

For years they never talked about it, but his wife sometimes used to wonder💭what was inside the trunk💼. One day the man got very sick🤕and he lost hope to recover. The man didn’t want to keep any secret from his wife👵anymore and asked the wife to get the truck from the backside of their hut🏠.

When the wife brought the trunk, he asked her, "to open it". The wife opened the trunk and found four toys🐻 in her first look. The wife was curious and so she asked him about it.

He said, “When we were to be married. My grandmother👵told me 2 facts of a happy married💑life:

To begin with, stay away from arguments; and Second, find something interesting when he will get angry. So, he decided to make toys🐻made up of clay and sand. The thing he picked helped him in two different ways:
he used to get so much time to refresh his mood and reduce his anger😠.
in future when he looked at that thing, it will ring a bell🔔in his mind about the past life.

The woman was thankful and happy to see that there were only🐻four toys within the trunk💼. She smiled🙂a bit and assume; the four toys meant his👴husband was angry four times during whole married life💑. Till now, she didn’t see money💰in the trunk because the money was put below those toys wrapped with a piece of newspaper📰.

At that point, she said, “Dear, that clarifies toys, but you didn’t share anything about the cash. Where did it came from?

“Ohhhhh”, he smiled🙂and said, “That’s the cash I made of selling all the other🐻toys.”

5 Things Grandchildren Can Learn From Grandparents:
1. Family history
2. Humor
3. Life lessons
4. Never upset upon small things
5. Emotional support