I Love Myself

I Love Myself

I had struggled with an idea🗯of perfection almost my whole life. I would like to be an ideal student👩‍🎓, daughter👩‍💼, sister👩‍🎤, ….👩‍✈️ I have to be on the top in every aspect of my life. Yes, I am little upfront👩‍🔧too when someone is pin pointing me on my looks. I really like my life and I haven't any regret to my fair looks and overweight. You know what, “When I am upset, I am going for shopping🛍️. My sadness is not due to my personal issues or my body, it’s my relatives who always compare me and my life with others. I have no clue👁‍🗨why they compare me with anyone. Everyone has their own style👗of life and it is not necessary that someone think💬same way as I believe💭.

During my early stage, I👧🏽started comparing my life, my looks and my physical appearance to👧 everyone👸around me. As a result, I started to lose self-esteem and feel like I don’t look the way I need to. At that time, I didn’t understand. Later, I realized that, I used to be wrong and from that day I decided to enjoy my life to the fullest and love💘myself👧🏽 as who I am.

I want to become a model👧and during first three months, I faced many rejections⛔as no one was giving me training but I didn’t give up. There might be number of reasons behind my rejections🚫: due to my looks, skills, the way I approach etc. After2️⃣hours of continuously brainstorming, I took a step back⬅️and set my goals first. I👧🏽prepared my daily schedule📝and began engaged on it. I used to exercise daily, I feel so confident and energetic. It is now4️⃣months since I made goals and would love to hear that5️⃣out of6️⃣goals have been completed. Now awaiting when I will complete my last achievement✌️. As I told you earlier, I am a shopaholic🛒, so I got new excuse to get some new dresses👗, new stuffs as the old ones aren't any more in my size📏.

Always think that, "You deserve happiness. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are worthy. And finally, you are perfectly imperfect."

Last but not the least, I👧🏽thank my family who provide continues support at every stage; who helped me to work on shortcomings and brings positive➕thoughts.

5 Ways To Love Yourself:
1. Be straightforward with yourself
2. Feel your sentiments
3. Try not to contrast yourself with others
4. Know your qualities
5. Acknowledge that a few people don't care for you