I Love You, No Matter What

I Love You, No Matter What

Story of a girl👧who had a bad habit of getting angry and use foul language🤬sometimes. Her parents👪were very upset with her behavior. Her teachers👩‍🏫 often lectured to control her anger and improve her behavior.

Every time when someone teaches her some good things, she said - Stop Irritating me!!

Her mom has a hobby of online💻reading from where she got an idea💡. Girl has interest in the🖼️painting and so on her mom gifted her a canvas with a palette of colors🎨.

What’s this for❓ – Girl said.

It’s to help you express your anger😡. Whenever you feel angry, you can paint it on the canvas🖼️to get ride of frustration. Try it! – mom replied.

After few weeks, her mom went to🏠room and found some of the painting. She collected a few and took Girl along to the garden🏡. Her mom questioned, what are these painting🎭about?

Girl responded, its about those kids that always act so smart🤓. It’s about teachers who keep me saying I don’t perform enough well🔻. It’s about dad keep reminding me of how well he was at my age🙄.

Mom took a breath and put next question⁉️, “Girl, now tell me what’s the common in all of them?”

I was angry at all of them – Girl answered.

Exactly! You reacted😈to each person who said something bad and criticized you😈.

After listening to👱‍♀️mom, girl realized that, while painting she threw colors🖌️on the paintings imagining that she was throwing something at them. She never💭understands them and always angry without any reason.

Mom further helped her by explaining past incidents - Those🧒kids did good for themselves and not to put you down, your👨‍🏫teachers tell you to improve because they know you have the potential and👴dad compares with you only to inspire you.

You are right!👱‍♀️Mom. What can I do when I get angry,🤔anger overpowers me?

Whenever you get angry, take a deep breath and count to 2️⃣0️⃣before you react. Think happy and positive thoughts😇. Slowly you will be able to control your anger. Thanks Mom! The girl had understood, she wept, hugged her mom while speaking, this is my biggest🎁gift of my life.

5 Ways To Improve At Communicating With Children:
1. Avoid dead end questions (Yes/No?)
2. Reflect feelings
3. Extend dialog
4. Share your thoughts/experience
5. Help clarify and relate