Make It A Rule of Life

Make It A Rule of Life

It was Wednesday🕚11am when a friend of mine introduced me to her friend🤝. Until we met, we had no idea that we lived in the same society. This✍🏻story is about my new👧🏻friend's hobby that resembles all of us🤩.

She loves to explore new places🎴, so she turned her interest to travelling ✈️. She used to go to a new place every other month 🧾and enjoyed every single moment 😇spent there. To capture memories, she used to pick up two stones from each place:⚪white and⚫black and kept them in her bag👜. The white stone reminded her of all the good🙃moments that happened in that journey and the other reminded her of all the bad😢things.

After a few more places🎴she started to feel weaker🤧and realized she was not able to attain the heights🧗‍♀️that she used to attain easily😧. She couldn't figure out🤯what it was, but she knew something was wrong. As a passionate traveler, she thought that it could be her🍜diet or her stamina🚴‍♀️that was causing this change, so she improved her diet🍜and trained herself better for the next trip. Certainly, she came on strong💪and went to different places. She pushed herself to few more places🎴until one day during her visit, she lost all her strength and fell on the ground.

Luckily after a few hours local people find her👧🏻and take her straight to the hospital🏥where she finds out that she can never go on the track again. This was shocking😲; she kept mum for few minutes…⌛hours…after then, she asked for her luggage🧳. The people who brought her said that they had left her luggage where she had fainted because the👜luggage🧳was so heavy that they could not even lift it.

Listening to this, she gets answers to all her doubts/📽questions and realizes that she is responsible for her situation herself, and now it is too late to do as before🔙. We all have this backpack👜, in which we keep our🧭essential👓things🔦. What is important in life is how we fill it and with what things. Do not make such a mistake that we become weaker day by day, year after year.

Live in today⏳and enjoy whatever is in front of us and leave🕹memories and feelings of the past that do nothing more than drag us down😨. Let's get rid of this unnecessary clutter that is on our mind and shoulders before it's too late🚶‍♀️. You will know how much better🕯and easier life will be. This moment is all that we need,🔮the time spent will not come again. So, think today and make your life pleasurable👣.

Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Life, Start Today:
1. Get Social
2. Meditation
3. Speak your mind
4. Focus on yourself
5. Discover new things
6. Record cheerful moments
7. Keep a list of things to get
8. Sustain positive relationship
9. Cut down your sad moments
10. Spend time and money on experience