My First Toy

My First Toy

I am a happy turtle🐢. I am a little colorful✨toy especially for kids. I am very attractive full of lights on my shell. Kids love my wonderful🎶music.

One day, I was brought to local retail🏬store. I came there together with my other friends from the factory. Some of my friends includes piano🎹, drum🥁, dancing duck🦆, crystal xylophone and a lot more🔮.

Every day, there have been many kids🧒came in the store and looked at us. There were many kids, who told their parents that they need piano🎹or a xylophone. Some parents bought and some didn’t. I heard children approaching their parents for various things. Some asked for chocolates🍫, some for candies🍬, some for clothes👚and so on. New generations kids constantly made their parents run🏃‍♀️behind them in the all places, sometime in a market, some in a mall or some in a local store🏬for something or the other.

A day a very naughty kid🧒went to the store. Her name was Anahita. She touched everything kept within the store. She made many things dropped and sometimes she fell down. Her👩mother told preciously not to touch anything. But she failed to hear her. The child touched the cycle🚲, the piano, the teddy’s🐻and pulled everything down. A salesman🕴️seeing her from one corner, he came and scolded📢the child. At that moment, Anahita stopped pulling the items down🔻. As he went back, she started doing the same. Finally, girl saw👀me. Yes, me “A happy turtle🐢” was lying on the shelf with my friends. She liked me so much that she insisted upon her mother to get me. Her mother checked out my specs📝and agreed to buy🛍️. After that, they took me home😍.

I like it very much staying with Anahita. She is glad to have me. She🧒called a couple of her friends to introduced me. All of them like me very much. I like to be with Anahita and playing all day⏳with her. I am not just a source of entertainment but a good friend🤝which make her smile when she is sad.

5 Tips For Choosing Toys For Kids:
1. Age Restriction
2. Safety
3. Activity
4. Functionality
5. Education