My Life My Wife

My Life My Wife

Another day is over and reached🏠home through usual office cab🚕. While entering from main door, I heard some noise📢. When I went through the hall, I noticed my neighbors were sitting with parents and were talking about Class 12th result📝.

I had a cute smile😊on my face while keeping my office bag on the table and went to the changing👘room. My wife👩was monitoring all my activities silently, from lobby. She followed🏃‍♀️me to the room. After reaching close to me, she came in front of me while🧐staring. She smiled and said, will you tell, or should I ask your dad.

I still remember the day when my result came. Family altogether was shouting at me😲…mom, dad and sis. Dad was looking at me with hope. Boss of our family, my dearest grandmother👵, who saved me from my father after every little mistake. I was narrating my story to my wife and everything was in front of me at that time; thinking it was yesterday’s incident. While heading out to my terrace with🖌️brush, colors🎨and canvas🖼️, my wife holds my🤝hand and said even though you were failed in your exam, but you have passed the exam of life😘. I hold her tightly and thanked for everything🙏!!

3 Keys To Success In life:
1. Determine goal
2. Belief in yourself
3. Invest in yourself