My Little Bundle of Joy

My Little Bundle of Joy

It was a typical sunny🌞day. I came back home from school🎒, had lunch🍱, and stood close to the window. I kept looking at the passersby👥for a while without doing anything. Dad was watching me from the entrance⛩️and after passing a few minutes🕒came into the room.

👨He said while sitting on a chair🪑: Are you bored? He called me close to himself and took the📱phone out from his pocket, kept it in front of me and said, "Your mom🤱is arriving in6️⃣0️⃣minutes! I ran straight from work🧑‍💼 to tell you this news! How you feel now? Excited?” Hmmm...

We both were extremely happy😃. Yippy! I took the vacuum cleaner from👨Dad's hand and started to clean my room🛏️. From that point onwards, I upheld my Dad and we cleaned the entire house🏠while looking at the clock🕒after completing every task.

After some time when the entire🏡house was cleaned, we started planning for a surprise, we✨ decorate the interior with beautiful flowers💐, candles🕯️and with soft music🎶. We took 90 minutes to make arrangements. Soon, we are all set to welcome her🤗. After that, my Dad went to the station to pick up my mom👩. I started thinking about the gift🎁and waiting for the moment when my mom would get me in her arms👩‍👦.

After some 45 minutes Dad's car🚗came inside the entry gate, I ran down to meet her👩. When she saw me, she looked at me with love❤️, "Hello, my son! How are you? How did you stay without me for such a long time⌛?"

I said: "Was😔missing you badly and the day was passing by."
Mom, “I am so sorry son; look what I brought for you... a surprise!🎁"
I said: “🚲A Cycle?....A Robot🤖?....Aero-plane✈️? Right?"
Mom, "Look yourself, get your hands out!🙌" and she gave me some bundle wrapped in a soft blanket.
"What is this, mom👩?" I asked.
"This is your sister👶Kanika", mom said in a calm tone.

I was astonished😲and thinking that she is fooling me. Something goes in my mind🤔, what if she is saying right? But still, question is where she put my sister? inside the suitcase🧳?... bag👜? or in a blanket which she handover to me🛍️?

I continue😏looking here and there but nothing found. After remaining silent for few more seconds⏰, mom removed the half blanket and I saw my sister's face👶. This was the first time that I had lifted so little baby in my hands🙌. I was little nervous😬and in fear😰and therefore I hold her in my arms with all my strength💪.

We went inside to the house🏡, I asked my mom in a normal voice, "What does she look like?"
"Like your father👨", she said.
I stood with my sister Kanika in my arms with a smiling face😊.
Mother said curiously: "Be careful son🧒, hold it well and with soft hands."
I said: "Don't worry mom👍! She is my little sister; I will care take of her." After my statement, mom eyes👀filled with tears. Mom hugged🤗me tightly and took my sister along as she needs to change her diaper by putting her in a couch. I was a 3️⃣-year-old kid and I keep looking at my sister’s eyes 👁️👁️.

At last, we sat down for dinner 🍽️. Every minute I would jump up and see her. She 😴 slept all the time. I was surprised when I touched her cheeks😊with my finger👉. Her cheeks were so delicate like cotton.

Before going to bed 🛏️, we always used to take shower🚿, in light of the fact that my grandma👵said, “Doing this makes good sleep.” Because now we had an angel👼between us, we put a little tub🛀on table and filled it with warm water, while Kanika was lying on a couch🛋️waiting for her turn.

Dad looked😰stressed and was wondering what to do so that Kanika would not be afraid.

1️⃣2️⃣rhymes may have been played back to back within5️⃣mins. Perhaps Dad didn’t like it and he turned off the phone📱. Dad turn on the TV📺and tune-in to a children’s show. He didn’t look right✅either. At last he decided to make a call📞to child specialist. Mom was also watching all this. As soon as Dad kept the phone, mom embraced❤️Dad and said our girl is brave and we will join together and give Kanika a shower🛀.

When Kanika started taking bath, it seemed like she is enjoying🥰. After some time, her face looked somewhat scared😨. I don’t know whether this was right, or I suspected🤔. When I get a chance, I gave my hand✋to her, she was holding my finger all time and was completely calm😌.

Being so tight and desperate, she grabbed my finger👉and believes that he is the one who is giving me back my precious life💓, then I finally realize how hard and terrible it was for her, I immediately loved her👌.

10 Tips To Raise A Responsible Child:

1. ‘Do it myself’ approach
2. Develop a helpful attitude
3. Expect them to make mistakes
4. Be available for problem-solving
5. Apologize when you make a mistake
6. Opportunity to role play in the real world
7. Stick to your promises and don't make excuses
8. Approach should always be positive and cheerful
9. Support your child to help pay for damaged goods
10. Develop good and successful study and grooming habits