My Style, My Dress

My Style, My Dress

Nearly two months ago I was talking to my sister👧that I really wanted to have a designer cloth for my1️⃣0️⃣months old kid. We had a long conversation about if I should give one of my outfit👗to tailor for creating something unique for her or I should go order online.

For first couple of days, I searched on google about 10-15 unique styles👚and I used to draw some unique🖍sketches on the notebook. I was keep guessing about how she will look on those outfits. I was thinking about her and her dress day and night👸!

Soon after I decided to go for online and that I ordered one dress👗. Oh…. wait! Did I tell you about the occasion? It’s Janmashtami. To celebrate🎀I want to dress up to resemble little Radha. It will be fun🎊and inspiring.

Since March, this is the first time we will go to the temple to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami and of course first ever visit for Anahita👸. She loves coconut water🥥and chocolates🍫. Babies👶generally don't realize humor; however, they do know when you are happy and☺smiling; when you make funny noises or faces and then laugh or smile, your child is possibly sense your happiness🙃and imitate you.

Who doesn’t like wearing new clothes👗? The same for her as well. She really enjoying, look👼amazing in its brightly colored clothes. She is crawling all over the house🏠.

At night, we went to the temple🛕for celebrating Krishna Janmashtami. Such festivals and celebrations brings family together🤝.

Wishing you all Happy Janmashtami.🛕Jai Shree Krishna!!

5 Ways To Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami:
1. Footprint rangoli
2. If you love art n craft - make a greeting, Krishna jhula and decorate flute
3. Host a dahi-handi
4. Read some fun books on Krishna
5. Visit ISKCON temple