I decided to write about🎭nepotism which we experience throughout our life🔎. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death puts nepotism in limelight💡. The close terms which everyone is well versed are “partiality” or “favouritism”🗬.

Like you, my journey🏎️is also started in a same way from school🏫to college;🎓college to corporate🏢. I felt that the incident that happened in my childhood, will not be done anywhere but I was wrong. Were you among those,🤔who was the best student of one or more teacher's? Have you ever taken advantage of it?🙏

During my school days, I👧had a friend who was a child of our Principal. Despite being a genius🔝, full of enthusiasm girl which was taking part in all most all extra-curricular activities🚴‍♀️, I could feel a sense of prejudice with myself🤔and I knew very well. She is not so good at📚studies; but we were good friends🤝.

At the annual day celebration🎉, I was expected to receive the award🏆as I was top performing girl in school but due to the fact of nepotism, she got the award🥇and I ranked 2nd🥈. It does not hurt when teachers treat all students fairly and equally.

Afterwards, with the persuasion of my graduation🎓degree, I thought college🏫would be different. At least, I was where🙋‍♀️I always wanted to be. The same tradition had been followed there too😢and this would continue with my post-graduation.

Now, even in my job💼where my colleagues have been always flattered my boss for the sake of their personal relaxations😌. One thing which I learned since my childhood👀is that never support this practise.

It basically exists in every phase of our life🔎; whether it’s in schools, colleges, jobs or may be in our relationships💑too.

5 Ways To Avoid Showing Favouritism:

  1. Never take side in a fight

  2. Never praise one buddy all the time

  3. Spend equal time with all of your mates

  4. Assign work equally

  5. Listen to your team instead of one

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