The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

It was the month of June when we all as a child🧒were eagerly waiting for summer vacation. All of us were so excited as we were expecting a very interesting📝assignment in which we would get a plant🌱from the nursery which we had to nurture over this time⌛.

Deehar finished4️⃣rth grade with excellent✔️marks, and she really wanted to get a🍁Ficus - the most beautiful flower in the nursery. She was disappointed when Nisha,👩‍🏫her teacher, asked to take a rose 🌹with dull leaves, which was placed at the corner.

Deehar👧looked at the teacher, and started thinking that, why did she👩‍🏫give her a dull rose? Why not Ficus🍁? Can't she handle it?

After reaching🏡home, Deehar put the rose🌹on the balcony. After few days, when she was collecting things to go to the grandparents' house, her mom said while closing the last🧳bag, ”Are you missing something?💭”

-🙅No, everything is taken – answered Deehar confidently.
- What about your rose? –🤔surprisingly asked by her mom.
And only then Deehar remembered the plant and🏃ran to the balcony. The leaves completely decomposed after being in the sun🌞all day without water for several days.

At first, Deehar was upset😞but at that moment, an unexpected idea came to her mind🧠, “Mom, the plant is completely wasted🥀. I'll throw it away and buy a new one from the market🛒and take that to school where the teacher👩‍🏫will be glad that I took good care👍of the flower.”

Mom thought💭for a while and said, “How can dad and I give you a dog🐕on your birthday🎉if you couldn't even take care of a flower🌼? How would you🤔take care of a living being? And if you cheat the teacher and receive false❌praise, will you not be ashamed❓”

👴👵Grandparents were waiting for them for a long time⏳. Grandpa began to help to unload things from the car🚗. Finally, Deehar took out her pot with a dried🥀rose bush. When the👵grandma saw that plant, she pulled it and said:

- Deehar, this needs immediate🩺treatment!
- Treatment? – Deehar asked in😲shock, this is a plant, not a human❤️? How to treat it?
- Love! – said the grandma. Darling Deehar👧, because without love nothing grows and doesn't live. All living things need love🥰. When we care with love, sick people🤕are also more likely to recover, and the same with🍀plants. Love is a very strong energy of life.

The next🌅morning, when Deehar woke up and looked out the window, the sun☀️and the birds🐤were inviting her out into the garden, where her grandma was busy with the hedges🌳🌿, and her grandpa held her🥀rose and was putting in a pot that was painted with purple color.

Deehar asked👵Grandma, how to love a flower🌻? I love mom, dad, you, grandpa, and my friends, and this plant, isn’t a human or even an animal🐇?

Deehar, it is clear that you💕love people who love you and care about you but you must also love those whom you can🙋help with your love – Grandma answered wisely. Deehar😕didn’t understand the full meaning of grandma's📝words but that evening🌃she was remembering those words again and again🤔.

She took the vase from the window of her room🚪to the garden and placed it in the sun, and then sprinkled💦some water and gently stroked the weak🍂leaves. She kept doing this every day🌅.

Finally, it was her birthday🎂, she was surprised to see that the rose-leaf was now green🍃with three little buds🌱! And a few days later each bud opened into a fragrant red🌹rose.

On Aug 1, Deehar was overjoyed😊and smiling when she entered the classroom🏫, her teacher was in surprise and said, “Ahh! what a lovely flowerpot!” Deehar was glad to hear that. Every teacher👩‍🏫praised her. But it was even more pleasant to see what a miracle👼her love had done, giving new life🧬to a plant from a dead one.💕Love changed not only the flower but also Deehar, making herself👍caring and responsive🏆.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Love:

1. Long life
2. Cheerful life
3. Improve health
4. Less depression
5. Quick treatment
6. Fewer doctor’s visits
7. Cherish your relations
8. Feel more positive emotions
9. Help child mental well-being
10. Strong bond between parent and child