Two Strangers

Two Strangers

Zoha is a tall, fatty and clever teacher👩‍🏫from the city. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Aarav👨‍🍳, a smart, sexy man with a passion for cookery. In the early days, Zoha😲dislikes Aarav and his profession but within a few months she impressed by Aarav.

Even though they both came to the same place🏨but with their own plans📝. The boy came over due to his cookery workshop🧑🏻‍🍳 while the girl👧was there to surprise her boyfriend🙋‍♂️.

At the reception🏨hall Aarav was standing behind Zoha who is fighting🥊with some boy as he cheated on her. As she turned backwards🔙, she became unbalanced and Aarav saved her🧬from falling. The girl got lost for a few seconds⏳and when she realized, she quietly🤐went straight to her room.

They met again at the rooftop dining🍽️where Zoha starts the conversation by saying "sorry"💬. Aarav was a little shocked😲then realized that she is the same girl whom he had met earlier😇. Aarav offered her to sit on the chair🪑. Their conversation was just1️⃣5️⃣ minutes long as Aarav had to attend the workshop, but Aarav cleverly set the date / time for the next meeting🧾.

Zoha looked gorgeous in a red👗dress with a denim jacket🧥. While talking, both came to know that it was their last evening🌆and they had a flight the very next day⏭️. After listening, both become silent and worried because they🤝both wanted to spend some more time. They finished their dinner🍽️and start walking towards their rooms.

The weather was extremely bad due to lightning🌩️, thunderstorms and rain🌧️overnight. Co-incidentally, both received a🗨️message about cancelation of their flight✈️. Both were a little happy🙂because now they would get more time with each other; but they are unable to check🚫each other's position because they neither had a phone number📱nor their room no.

The two💁💁‍♂️were at the reception and were searching for each other. When they saw that neither of them had baggage🧳, they smiled, started walking🦶towards each other. That silly😁smile on each other's face felt like both were trying to say something. Zoha's actions were bringing her closer to Aarav💝. At last, they have decided to embark on a new journey💑.

5 Ways To Build A Healthy Relationship:
1. Invest time in your relationship
2. Communicate with your partner
3. Keep physical closeness alive
4. Be ready for good and bad times
5. Have your life balanced