I was in standard 4️⃣th when I had a feeling of love😍. I was at Principal’s office because I was the most talkative girl in my class. Principal kept on bombarding me😳with the importance of silence and discipline in life but me, my eyes🤓was staring at that guy🧑who was coming for the admission along with his parents👪.

Obviously, I didn’t know him but there was something about him that makes me look😵at him until he left. When you meet someone, the first point of attraction will be the face.👀Right?

It's too early for a9️⃣-year girl to realize the symptom of first love💘. During school time, we didn't have a personal cell phone📱or social media accounts; otherwise I could search him on Facebook…HAHA🤣HAHA...So, I had to wait until I met him again. In between I used to search for him in assembly or corridor, and I didn't find him.

Finally, the day arrived. Yes, the annual day🎉celebration. I was one of the rank holders, so class👩‍🏫teacher locked us in a room till prize distribution gets over. I was standing near window; awaiting to get out of that room and searching for him. Suddenly, the moment came, and I see that guy standing in one corner along with his friend. I kept smiling🙃and smiling like a fool. He was all in my mind💭. I never missed my computer💻lab. You know why? Because the lab is next to his classroom. Yes, at least I know his name and class now. Every time I made some excuses, so that I can go there and look at him. This story went on for almost3️⃣years.

Now, first day of class7️⃣th, I was chosen as a class monitor and class teacher👩‍🏫called me and said go and fetch guy from8️⃣th standard. Do you know who that guy is? Yes, the same guy🧑. I was speechless😐and then I looked at my best friend, she gestured as thumbs-up👍. I went to8️⃣th standard and looking for a guy. A random guy shouted from back bench, Mam that guy has left the school. I was shocked🙄and frozen at that moment. I went back straight to the class. The3️⃣-year love was crashing by. My world comes to an end. My love story got ended💔up. Over the time, I understand one thing that if there is something called end of the world, then remember it can be a new beginning!

5 Signs That You Are Falling In Love❣️:
1. Can’t stop staring at him or her
2. Time flies when you are together
3. Can do nothing wrong
4. Feel optimistic
5. Thinking about him