Why Him.. I Don't Know

Why Him.. I Don't Know

This is a great story about the power of gifts🎁and the importance in human relationships🎀.

I was sitting in the car🚗for 1️⃣7️⃣ minutes thinking of my❤️love to whom I pick up. It was raining⛈️outside. I drove the car through occasional fog along⤴️winding paths↩️. She didn't say anything. We knew this was our last trip. This is the last time⌛I will take her to her favorite place🏞️.

I remembered all the moments we had together since I first met her. How happy we were together👫! Thanks to the great Indian💑wedding that spoiled our relationship. She belonged to a different religion and I🤵failed to make my parents👴👵wish and consent to be together. My😠anger and sorrow😥were clearly reflected on the speedometer.

Please, slow down", she👧said at last.
She looked sick. I stopped🛑the car under a tree🌲, standing gracefully on the side of the road🛣️, shedding leaves everywhere. " Excuse me, did I hurt you? What happened ?" I said, while looking at her👧.

😭Tears welled up in her eyes, while weeping she took out her favorite perfume bottle from her bag👜. "You take it and please don't forget me".

I could see in her eyes well.🤷I don’t know what to say. I felt my heart sinking in the icy water. "No…Don’t do this to me, the scent will remind me every day and I🤵will not be able to bear that pain. It will make me feel like you are not there."

I made her cry😭once again, I didn’t remember that before this we had never wept in relationship👫ever, we both had to stop our tears😢but couldn’t stop.

I took🤝her hands in mine and said, “Please don’t cry😭, dear”.…my words were broken….

I held her hand tightly, like I never wanted to let her go. I kissed her palm😗. My tears💧were kissing her before my lips👄.

A few⌛hours later I was back🚗at the same place alone😔, after leaving her forever. While leaving, she gave a bottle of perfume in my hand👐. The scent of her perfume was all around me, but she was no-where. The best gift she gave me. Her gift🎁was the gift of love and those who love💘 themselves know the value of love.