You Deserve...

You Deserve...

There are 4 members in my family - Mom👵, Dad👴, Me👨and my Wife🙋. Last year, my parents went out on back to back✈️yatra trips and my beautiful wife staying all day alone @home🏡. I usually busy with my work at office.

One day, she called me and questioned, "When are you coming home❓”
I responded back “I will be late. Have dinner🥪sweetie."
She: “Don’t call me sweetie! This is 3rd time I have had my dinner without you, I could have done at my mom’s house also!” and she disconnected📞the phone call.

I took a long breath, smiled and thinking that 6 years of marriage and she still needs everyone’s attention.

I WhatsApp her: "Don’t be angry, we will go out for lunch tomorrow for sure."
I again texted her: "I am really stuck in the middle of my work."
I replied: "Okay, will order something today."
She: "thank you sweetie😚

I reached home at 9:45pm. I ring the bell; she opened the door while talking to her Mumma.
Now, its 🔟:3️⃣0️⃣pm, mother-daughter continue with their conversation. Mom got a clue and disconnected the call. My wife came to me and put multiple questions –
“What are you watching”
“Do you know what’s the time”
“Have you ordered the food”
“When it is coming” and few more…
Finally order reached, at 1️⃣1️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣, we have had our dinner with a sweet desert♨️Gulab Jamun.

Next morning, she got an email📨confirming her job application has been approved with one MNC as HR professional. She offered me bed tea☕and telling me the whole story how she got the job. I stopped her in between and said – "I need you to stay at home and support me and family, it is your responsibility towards them. Right?" She thought a little and said softly - "I am not backing out from any of my responsibilities, it’s just adding more to my plate. I will plan and manage my time accordingly.

After listening to her, I said, "Go on, I am with you. I will support wherever needed." She turns little low and said while crying,😢tears in her eyes “You are the best👌🏻". The best companion one could ever hope for👫

You made my day. I have only you to complain, to fight with, and cry in front of. If I do all this, it doesn’t mean my love for you is getting any lesser. It only increases as day goes⛰️”.

5 Skills For A Happy Relationship:
1. Empathy
2. Communication
3. Self-love
4. Commitment
5. Openness