I 💛 To Rhyme

Kids love DOLPHINS; cash makes them insane, releases ENDORPHINS.
Kids go through the traffic SIGNAL; lose time and rest by playing ghost WHISTLE.
Only those who actually eat TOBACCO; knows the horrors that goes in the SHADOW.
What do you least expect at CARNIVAL; have you ever passed through a TERMINAL.
I saw a small hermit CRAB; Her color was so DRAB.
When people make me MAD; they wish they never HAD.
I had a DATE that I wouldn't HATE.
I like to mess around a great DEAL; I adored when I FEEL.
It's hard to see the BUTTERFLY, because she flies across the SKY.
When I am in MATH; I do not have to take a BATH.
I am a prisoner in a LAND printed on paper in my HAND.
Kids love SEASHORE; We want to leave yet they want MORE.
Listening to GOOSE; I think he is angry with MOOSE.
Books have authority over ME; Inside a book I am not FREE.
I like to play with my CAT; she likes to go to a HAT.
My #1 activity is PLAY; this is how I spent MY DAY.
There should be a WOMANKIND; a female heart and female MIND.
A FOX is in a BOX.
Do not FEAR; I am a happy captive HERE.
His red sports car is just a DREAM; it doesn’t need any gas, it runs on STEAM
I made cookies ONE by ONE; I hear bells, so they are DONE.
When I set down with my DOG; he transforms into a LOG.
I love running in the SUN, playing with kids and having a great FUN.
If there is nothing there, what was that NOISE? To join our group, you must have POISE.
She tied up her HAIR; so, she can consider BEER.
Arrogant and goofy can prompt SPATS; when we figured we were unable to meet more BRATS.
People call us TWINS; though we're not what we FELL IN.
I love violet, green, and pink the MOST; the only friend Akash lives on the COAST.
The CAT chased the BAT.
Winter is my #1 SEASON; I like to squeeze without any REASON.
When I eat CAKE; it takes me to a coffee BREAK.
My CAT; she likes to chase a RAT, especially one who is in the house.
MATT helped me in getting the RAT.
She is no longer CRABBY with her new home; she is rather HAPPY.
Unfortunate is a word that means UNLUCKY; life of people who are never DUCKY.
If I could turn my time BACK; my life wasn’t all that BLACK.
If I fall along the WAY, you can't see another DAY.
When I start singing a SONG; it ends a LIFELONG.
Charlie was kind enough to have THREE; but sadly, he got tied to a TREE.
I am for cutting. Not for ME; using this task the nation will be FREE.
Once I go to these PAGES; I can't come out for AGES.
Fox in socks, our game is done SIR; thank you for a lot of fun SIR.
I am for cutting. I'm a BLADE; designed for use at dress PARADE.
I had a KITE that I liked to fly at NIGHT.
She was a little TENSE; the notice made no SENSE.
The club is a sports field EVENT; he did it earlier in a TENT.
Unfortunate is a word that implies UNLUCKY; the existence of these people has never been so LUCKY.