OOPS! Didn't Mean To

I need to see things from your POV, yet I can't get my head to my butt.

It's scary to believe that individuals like you are allowed to vote.

Where have you held back a grade? Two?

Out of all the mirrors on the wall, which one is the awesome? Even if there is just you on the planet, it won't be you.

My phone battery lasts longer than your relationships.

I request you to do a little soul search as you might get one.

Your new hairstyle reminds me of my dog.

Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you get your mind back there.

There are countless gaps in your teeth that it seems like your tongue is in prison.

Your face is fine, but you should put a bag on that personality.

My friend thinks he is smart. He told me that an onion is the only food that makes you cry, so I threw a coconut on his face.

If your brain was dynamite, it wouldn't be enough to blow your hat off.

My mum advised me to make a garbage run, however I was unable to discover you.

No, no. I am listening. It takes me a moment to process so much silly information together.

It is terrible to believe that individuals like you are allowed to vote.

If my face was like you, I would sue my parents.

If you are going to be two-faced, at least make one of them beautiful.

Mirrors can't talk. You are lucky because they can neither laugh.

You don't resemble us. It's because you're adopted.

Are you talking to me, I thought you would only talk behind my back?

Many thanks for helping me understand that there are some really stupid people on the planet.

I am not an astronomer, but I am quite sure that the earth revolves around the sun and not you.

Your forehead is so huge that you have films instead of dreams.

Some people should use a gluestick instead of chapstick.

Making fun of you is pointless because it will take you a whole day to understand it.

Think before you talk. DO you even listen to what comes out of your mouth?

Amazing, you're considerably more stupid than you look.

If I were a dog and you were a bloom, I would raise my leg and give you a shower.

You were probably brought into the world on an expressway because that is where most mishaps occur.

Don't worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows.

Everyone walks into a room with happiness. I do when I enter, you do when you leave.

You are the reason that I like creatures over people.

Someday you will go far away, and I hope you like that place.

You seem appropriate. Time to up my medication.

I did not change. I grew up. You should try it at some point.

If being ugly would have been a crime, you would have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Roses are RED, Violets are BLUE, Face like YOURS belong in a ZOO.

Maybe you should do makeup so that you look great from inside as well.

Is there an app that I can download to make you vanish?

I thought I had a seasonal flu, but then I realized that your face is wiping me from my stomach.

I am not ignoring you. I am only giving you time to think how foolish you are.

You know that there is no vaccine for stupidity, correct?

Whenever I agree with you on something then both of us will be wrong.

You’re the reason this country must put guidelines on shampoo.

If laughter is such a good medicine, then your face should cure the world.

If you were a cloud, then someday when you disappeared, it would have been an excellent day.

Hold On, I am trying to imagine you with a personality.

I would consider you a pig, but that would be disrespectful to pigs.